The Mary Lourdes Grotto, Puh Sarang - Kediri

Cave Maria Lourdes in this Puh Sarang now becoming focus or point of main attention from the peziarah. Formerly before there are cave Lourdes, point of main attention is Church which Antik. But for catholic believer, often having pilgrimage to place of pilgrimage for Mother Marry like for example in Sedangsono, in Jateng, Gua Kerep ( Ambarawa) or in Sendang sriningsih ( Klaten) of course they expect there are a cave Maria which able to be visited.

In komplek old church of course there are cave miniatur Maria Lourdes but undersize its form. For they interesting with architecture art of course Church of antique that more draw their attention, but for ordinary laymen believers, possible admiration only momentary then there is no enthusiasm to see it re-.

Possibly arise question why komplek Gua Maria Lourdes this time separate and rather far from antique Church, why don't be united is just or its location is nearby? This thing actually also have ever become aspiration Panitia Pembangunan Puh Sarang.

With growing of number of visitors in church Puh Sarang, semenjak perform a of first Novena in October the year 1994, is routinely performed a per annum, then is also performed a big events like for example Kamping for BIAK and Kamping for Kawula Muda in the year 1995 in Puh Sarang, so whenever that is felt how more and more narrow;tight the farm is present, especially also place to park vehicle is felt hardly less.

Have been laboured the several buying the soil around old church but this business fail, because they do not want to release or sell their land to the side of churchs with the price of having any. Hence searched by other alternative.

Development Committee of Bishop thank goodness to God that simply many members or believer in Puh Sarang which will sell land they are for expansion of place of pilgrimage Puh Sarang. But main constraint is inexistence of cleanness water that is enough available in Puh Sarang, more at the time of dry seasons, so that looked to be yellow and arid. Situation formerly differed from present situation where have been looked to be green and fresh because many plants.

Finally had recourse to Romo Julianus Sunarko, SJ, at that time became Direktur LPPS-KWI, what have expertise to look for wellspring to assist Panitia to look for water in Puh Sarang. Blessing of his help hence is now found 6 source of subterranean wellspring, altogether have dug and gone out his water is in number which is big enough. Romo J. Sunarko, SJ commencing from the date of 8 Septembers 2000 have ordained and lifted to to become Uskup Purwokerto.

Source of wellspring is found by inter alia in Building complex multi purpose, in place of where build by Gua Lourdes, in Camping ground, in Wisma Nazaret and in parking upper. Hence based on the wellspring finding is determined by location for present Gua Lourdes.

On 11 Octobers 1998 after opening of Gedung Serba Guna is performed a first stone long to build Gua Lourdes by Uskup Surabaya, Mgr. J. Hadiwikarta. If Multi purpose building is imitated or replica from Church Unik-Antik Puh Sarang, hence cave Lourdes is imitating or the Gua Maria Lourdes replica in French. Is intentionally selected name of Gua Maria Lourdes because in old Church there is imitating cave Lourdes in the form of small. Around small statue in cave is firstly written article above brass by using stripper spelling Javanese: Iboe Maria ingkang pinoerba without contained sin, moegi mangestonana kawoela ingkang ngoengsi ing Panjenenengan Dalem. ( Mother Marry consisting in without anal sin soda, hopefully have the pleasure to bless coming me to shelter to you)

Based on the photographs and Lourdes cave picture in French hence delineated by the cave by Bapak J. Sumartono, SSn lecturer senirupa in Yogyakarta. Then based on the scale model In AS. Rush and Ir. Harry Widayanto design the cave.

In execution of development of In Harry assisted by Ir. Djoko and Mr. Bernard doing cave relief as a whole. his(its high Maria Lourdes Pub Sarang Cave 18 m and width 17 metre. It is required [by] time one years more than three months to finalize the cave so that this Maria Lourdes cave has just been completed by the end of the year 1999.


On 2 Mays 1999 Bishops Surabaya, Mgr. J. Hadiwikarta, lead Novena to 8 in Puh Sarang and at the same time bless statue Maria in Gua Lourdes Pub Sarang, new and enough big. Although at that time new cave building completed more or less 40'% but have been performed a endowment of statue Maria because expected thereby cave that is big enough that later poison completed in time is at Christmas party the year 1999 which would be opening of Yubileum the year 2000.

Statue Maria being blessed is replica or statue imitation of Maria Lourdes, made from cement is then painted having colour exterior it. The statue high lebili from the prototype which only 1,75 metre because the present Maria statue his height 3,5 metre, if reckoned from footgear of this statue its height from under becoming 4 metre.

This statue is made by bigger than its example because adapted for level of his high cave reaching approximant 18 metre. It is estimated by believer who present by then there are approximately 3000. Endowment is intentionally performed a in the early of May so that during May, month being majored in honour of Mother Marry, catholic believer in Keuskupan Surabaya is more impetously do devosi to Mother Marry.

After homili Uskup Surabaya is accompanied by the Romo which present at that time climb up to sprinkle statue with holy water, is then caught up with waxy enkindling by Dr. Agus Harsono, Development Committee Chief Pub, Sarang, I.. Harry Widyanto, I.. AS. Rusli, Ir. Djoko and Mr. having Bernard, they is this is people who involve in planning and execution of development of cave Maria in Puh Sarang.


Pope Yohanes Paulus II, Head Of Highest [By] The Roman Catholic, contend that celebration of Yubileum Agung Tahun 2000 will be started at holiday of Christmas the year 1999, celebration opening of Yubileum Agung in Roma is done [by] olch Pope Yohanes Paulus II, date of 25 Decembers 1999.
Then he will open year Yubileum in other churchs. Celebration of Yubileum Agung Tahun 2000 will take place during one years more than Christmas the year 1999 up to celebration Epifani, date of 1 januari the year 2001.

In opportunity celebrate Yubileum Tahta Suci in Roma give power to the local Uskup to specify churchs and place of pilgrimages where catholic believer can receive award Indulgensi or forgiving to sin tortures him(it. The similar have ever executed at Yubileum the year 1975, where by then Uskup Surabaya at that time, Mgr. johanes Klooster, CM specify church Puh Sarang as one of place of where believer of catholic Keuskupan Surabaya can get indulgensi. At the time he(she also specify church Pub Sarang as place of opening pilgrimage Keuskupan Surabaya.

Mgr J. Hadiwikarta, Uskup Surabaya, contend that to get indulgensi during Yubileum Agung Tahun 2000 earning diperolch catholic believer Kcuskupan Surabaya and the other peziarah if they are mcngunjungi or bcrziarah to Cathedral Surabaya, Komplek pilgrimage Puh Sarang ( Cave and Church which Antik ) and place of pilgrimage in Sendang Waluyojatiningsih in countryside Klepu. Ponorogo.

On 26 Decembers 1999, Bishop Surabaya bless Gua Lourdes Puh Sarang as well as blessing Pondok Rosario which just barn is completed built, at the same time also open opening of Yubileum Agung Tahun 2000. Opening of Yubileum Agung Tahun 2000 done in three places : in Katedral Surabaya on 24 Desembcr 1999, in Puh Sarang date of 26 Decembers 1999 and in Sendang Waluyojatiningsih on 31 Decembers 1999. At scat endowment of Gua Lourdes Puh Sarang is estimated which present at that time there are approximately 12 thousand believers.

Opening performed a in hilarious liturgy ceremony with children chorus and adolescent 400, attended by many imams, biarawanbiarawati and quite a few believer from outside Keuskupan Surabaya which present join in attend opening Gua Lourdes Puh Sarang. Many Print medias and electronic loading opening news of the cave either sebclum and also after opening.

By the end of misa, Regent KDH TINGKAT 11 Kediri Bp Drs. Suparyadi present give greeting and sign inscription as sign to open of komplek pilgrimage for catholic believer in Puh Sarang. Number of kcndaraan being applied by the quite a lot pcziarah causing require approximant time three hours for last pcziarah leaving Puh Sarang. Event of this opening although done by is simple sccara but is really hilarious and impressing.

Cave Maria Lourdes Puh Sarang is of course ascertained poison completed by the end of the year 1999 rnenjelang opening Yubileum, simply this acurate target because then during the year 2000 during Yubileum the year 2000 the peziarah is coming is unlimited only from believer Keuskupan Surabaya but also from Keuskupan Malang, Semarang, Jakarta, Bandung Bogor. Even then come also from outside Java: Banjarmasin, Makasar, Bali, NTT, LAMPUNG. Theycome in small or big group. snowball supposing which menggelinding hence the ball become more and more big and so do the things of the peziarah is interesting because cave Lourdes which of course its form classyness and luxury.

Becoming fascination of the peziarah is not merely form of big cave and statue but also many believers who is feeling like because can bring water from place of this pilgrimage if returning home them. The water taken away from the source over there then diflter or filtered with special filter so that water kcluar from cave stomach can be drinked. Is intentionally made 12 douches to symbolise 12 rasul Jesus when still teaching and having masterpiece in world.

Many mans who is feeling get spiritual and corporeal freshness after drinking from water from cave. This thing often heard from the peziarah is coming there. Of course have never there are investigation or formal pcnelitian about this matter, but all important is believer feel assisted in his its devosi to Mother Marry. You can misread one witness of believe from one of the peziarah.

In " stomach" cave besides there is source of water also there is tabernakel, place for the imams and liturgy officer perform a preparation, and so do other equipments being needed to by need of misa and activity of observance in Puh Sarang.

But not all people admit into " cave stomach" which is big enough, that only the officers admitting in it.


Event that is is routinely performed a in Gua Lourdes Puh Sarang is Misa Novena or prayer nine times, which have been started by since October the year 1994. Misa Novena is usually started in October and end in June, then the next October started until the next June. Every Rotation of Novena take certain theme.
Rotation novena of I : ( 0ktober 1994-Juni 1995) taking Family theme
Novena Rotation of II : Young Clan in life have church, societal, nation and state.
Rotation novena of III : Eucharist and Freedom
Novena Rotation of IV : With Maria recognize and believe Jesus Christ
Novena Rotation of V : Holy Maria Kenisah Soul ( for the month;moon of October- December 1998 ; Maria Have a daughter Allah of Bapa ( for the January of - June 1999
Rotation novena of VI : With Maria celebrate Glorious Yubileum of Year 2000
Rotation novena of VII : October 2000- June 2001, its theme With Maria celebrate Millenium III.

Commisioned in Novena is bishop paroki-paroki of Surabaya, arranged with schedule by Commission Liturgy Bishop of Surabaya. With this novena finally people in Bishop scluruh of Surabaya progressively recognize and interest for have pilgrimage to Puh Den. We can say pilgrimage place of Puh Den woke up and animated by performed a Novena every year. Follower of Novena do not only from Bishop of Surabaya but also from other bishop.
Place Novena also go about is initialy performed a by in esplanade which is now weared for the Garden Of Dish of Kana, Icemudian move to Multipurpose Building and start May 1999 when idol of Maria blessed until now this Novena is always performed a by in Cave komplek of Maria Lourdes
Time Novena usually hour morning 11.00 WIB, performed a by at first week or second week, as according to liturgy calendar because better kadangkala performed a by at first week than second week, like for example before Christmas festival or Easter.

Year End 1998 performed a new effort to invite all pilgrimage by performing a misa at Thursday night of Legi, performed a at 00.00 wib. In practice by konkret this misa is performed a by at Thursday Night before Friday, because in calculation of Java Thursday calendar of Kliwon since sunset have entered or considered to be Friday of Legi.

For the man who less is comprehending of Java calendar, in Calendar Java is that day divided to become five: Paing, Pound, Wage, Kliwon, Legi. And is thirtieth of day once will fall on the same day, so that every 35 day once there will be Friday of Legi. According to confidence of people who still embrace understanding of Kejawen in this East Java of Thursday night of Legi represent good day, day blessed by God
Hence on that many people performing a " tirakatan" or perform a nocturnal meditation and prayer to request or pray to Omnipoten. While if in other place exactly Thursday night of Kliwon that of good day. When tried to be to be performed a by and prayer of Misa at Thursday night of Legi in Puh Den, at that time still in Multipurpose Building in the reality a lot take a fancy to it. What is is conducted in event of tirakatan at Thursday night of Legi, they pray Litany Mother and rosary of Maria later;then celebrate night time misa. Sometime misa accompanied with Java songs and gamelan so that growing solemnly.

How Thursday night tirakatan misa of Legi if evaluated from catholic belief eyeglasses? Depended from what conducted and fill from that tirakatan. If over there people burn incense, praying to all or genie of lelembut and conduct which is asusila such as those which happened in Mount of Kemukus ( Central Java) clear that alien to our belief. But if people pray, performing a misa at Thursday night of Legi, as far as people do not hook;correlate granting of its prayer with Thursday night of Legi itself, but only chosening Friday of Legi as facilitating memory and assist atmosphere hence do not oppose against catholic belief
In church there are effort which is named by inkulturasi where do we try to take over people culture or tradition which is is good to be utilized as catholic belief expression. We take example of for example habit pray people late on to 40, 100, 1000 that day is tradition of ancestors which is Christian.

Why musti pray at is midnight? midnight Stillness atmosphere can assist people to be more concentration in prayer, assisting people get stillness of its liver .
In our Bible often read that frequent Yesus of times pray at night : " By then go Yesus to hill to pray and night He pray to Allah. When day start noon, He is pupil call, last chosen from among them twelve people, so-called him of rasul." ( Luk. 6:12-13
Night before as miserable as Yesus pray in garden of Getscmani and invite Petrus, Yohanes and of Yakobus to pray night with Him, for tirakatan to with Him, in the reality they do not ready to because is sleepy. Afterwards he is back to that pupil and their discovering is sleeping And He is saying to Petrus, Didn'T you ready to wake up to take care of one hour with I. Wake up to take care of and pray so that keunu don't fall into endeavouring, malleable soul it is true, but weak flesh " ( Mate. 26 : 40-42)

Cave of Maria second

Near by mausoleum for the people of Puh Den and close to All Purppose Building there are a cave of Maria second which made by Romo Emilio Rossi, CM in the year 1986 where looked to be Bernadet is kneeling before Mother of Maria. Romo Emilio Rossi, CM dying on 16 March 1999 buried in people grave which is one with cave of Maria this second.