Accommodation in Kediri Regency

Bukit Daun Hotel & Resto
Jl. Argo Wilis No. 777 Semen (Puhsarang)
Kediri - East Java
Phone : +62-354 772000, +62-354 774997
Fax : +62-354 774998

bukit daun hotel
Bukit Daun Hotel & Resto

Argowilis Street 777
Kediri, East Java
Phone: (0354) 772000
Fax: (62 354) 774998
email :

Grand Surya Hotel
Doho Street 95
Phone: (0354) 686000

Crown Hotel
Mayjend Sungkono Street 62
Phone: (0354) 672277

Bismo Hotel
Jend Sudirman Street 119
Phone: (0354) 696787

Adisurya Hotel
May Bismo Street 409
Phone: (0354) 691111

Insumo Palace Hotel Resort
Jend Urip Sumoharjo Street 90
Phone: (0354) 681888

Indah Hotel
Sriwijaya Street 142
Phone: (0354) 687988

Palapa Hotel
Hayam Wuruk Street 42
Phone: (0354) 687120

Study Hotel Executive
Dhoho Street 190
Phone: (0354) 696915

Sentral Hotel
Letjen Sutoyo Street 104-A
Phone: (0354) 692346

Safari Indah Hotel
Jend Urip Sumoharjo Street 66-68
Phone: (0354) 681588

Ris Hotel
Ade Irma Suryani Street 1
Phone: (0354) 682710

Puhsarang Hotel
Pohsarang village Street
Phone: (0354) 773980

Pondok Indah Hotel
Raden Patah Street 42
Phone: (0354) 686100

Penataran Hotel
Dhoho Street 190
Phone: (0354) 684626

Pardikan Asri Hotel
KH Achmad Dahlan Street 126-A
Phone: (0354) 772028

Mutiara Hotel
Panglima Sudirman Street 43
Phone: (0354) 683841

Mulia Hotel
May Bismo Street 167
Phone: (0354) 684617

Merdeka Hotel
Jend Basuki Rachmad Street 4
Phone: (0354) 681262

Lotus Garden Hotel
Jaksa Agung Suprapto Street 26
Phone: (0354) 779999

Kahuripan Hotel
Sisingamangaraja Street 139
Phone: (0354) 686548

Kadiri Hotel
Hayam Wuruk Street 30
Phone: (0354) 684792

Jawa Hotel
Stasiun Street 4
Phone: (0354) 687704


Fatimah Rumah Makan
Bandar II Street, B-3/40
Phone: (0354) 778313

Duta Minang Rumah Makan
May Bismo Street 107
Phone: (0354) 683946

Mirasa I Depot
Untung Suropati Street 56
Phone: (0354) 680701

Kansas Fried Chicken
Brigjen Katamso Street 37
Phone: (0354) 684733

Golden Restaurant
Hayam Wuruk Street 71-73
Phone: (0354) 687720

Taman Asri Indah Restaurant
Sukarno Hatta Street 22-A
Phone: (0354) 687569

Piring Sewu Rumah Makan
Argowilis Street
Phone: (0354) 778177

Mirasa II Depot
Hayam Wuruk Street 40
Phone: (0354) 681701


Jalak Gading & Surya
Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo Street 2-B
Phone: (0354) 689382

Pesona Alam Shadu
Pahlawan Kusuma Bangsa Street 38
Phone: (0354) 672715

Yola Lancar Jaya
Sisingamangaraja Street 5
Phone: (0354) 682629

Harapan Jaya
Semeru Street 78
Phone: (0354) 772939

Citigo Tour & Travel
Doho Street 95
Phone: (0354) 686000

Adiguna Wisata
KH Agus Salim Street 45
Phone: (0354) 772289

Anugrah Travel
Kyai Mojo Street 17
Phone: (0354) 689471




Sinar Megah Shop
Sriwijaya Street 74
Phone: (0354) 682228


Sri Ratu Pasaraya
Hayam Wuruk Street 46
Phone: (0354) 694200
Dhoho Street 84
Phone: (0354) 682807

Muamalat Indonesia Bank
Sultan Hasanuddin Street 26
Phone: (0354) 671800

Mega Bank
Airlangga Street 19
Phone: (0354) 694009

Mandiri Bank
P Diponegoro Street 17
Phone: (0354) 681496

Jatim Bank
Jend Basuki Rachmad Street 15
Phone: (0354) 672175

Internasional Indonesia Bank
Hayam Wuruk Street 20-B-C
Phone: (0354) 685582

Niaga Bank
P Diponegoro Street 16
Phone: (0354) 671775

Hagakita Bank
Brawijaya Street 15
Phone: (0354) 686888

Danamon Indonesia Bank
Brawijaya Street 33
Phone: (0354) 684608

Central Asia Bank
Brawijaya Street 8
Phone: (0354) 689286

Arta Guna Mandiri Bank
Raya Gringging Street 3
Phone: (0354) 771909

Negara Indonesia Bank
Brawijaya Street 17
Phone: (0354) 681746

Lippo Bank
Brawijaya Street 27
Phone: (0354) 683066

Erlangga Street 3
Phone: (0354) 699948

Tabungan Negara Bank
P Diponegoro Street 22-24
Phone: (0354) 691260

Syariah Mandiri Bank
Brawijaya Street 10
Phone: (0354) 672102

Rakyat Indonesia Syariah Bank
Kusuma Bangsa Street 2
Phone: (0354) 672114

Permata Bank
P Diponegoro Street 18
Phone: (0354) 672801




Latest News

Tegowangi Temple, Where The History Remain

Tegowangi Temple Tegowangi temple is one of ancient temple in Kediri region. This temple has saved many stories about Kediri history. There are some reliefs on the temple wall that interest the tourists who like the historic tourism. The temple is stand in one complex and it looks like a rectangular form. This temple is one historical tourism objects in Kediri regency. Find the historic value by visit this old temple. More info visit

The Nirvana Before Eruption

Mount Kelud Today, Mount kelud is very phenomenal with its new dome that exists from its lake. To reach Mount kelud, the visitors can use motorcycle and the direction come from Kediri to Wates continued to Margomulyo – Bambingan till Jurang Gelap or Mount Pedot. From Jurang Gelap till the new dome of Mount kelud is about 2 km and you can go on foot. Mount kelud has change, it had green crater before explode, but today the beautiful crater is gone and turn up new crater that different from…

Bukit Daun Hotel And Resto

Bukit Daun Hotel And Resto Bukit Daun Hotel And Resto Is a Located Argowilis Street 777, kediri East Java. It has great sense of uniqueness, ethnic and fresh air. This hotel is so cool. The distance is about 5 km from the town of Kediri in the way to Puhsarang. The location is in the hills with nice hotel setting and cozy atmosphere. The rate of only 170-600 thousand a night, it is a very recommended for family lodging The facilities are about large pool, nice room, and the calm…

The Environment In Puhsarang

Puhsarang Church This church is located in Puhsarang village, Semen district of Kediri, that’s why it is called Puhsarang Church. The location is 10 km in western Kediri City. This old church had built by Ir. Heendricus Maclaine on behalf of pioneer Mr. Yohanes Humbertus Wolters CM in 1931. The architecture is collaboration between European and Majapahit, combination with other local cultures and Christianity. The first establishment of the complex is the “Antique Church”, Puhsarang Church. The structure of the church has unique architectural style form and we can see…

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