The Ancient Heritage Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus is a part of Megalithic Sites. It is also known as “Keranda” which is made of stones or other kind of container, but it has a lid or cover as well. Remains from a megalithic period are found in the center of the town, on the slope of Besar Hill. There is a stone sarcophagus, stone statues and a stone chair.

Its function is the same as a stone grave / dolmen. It is appears in several villages, for example, one is found in Glinseran village, Wringin district, about 19 km west of Bondowoso town. The distance between Bondowoso to Wringin is about 17 km and can reached by public transportation.

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Bondowoso Bondowoso is other regency in East Java. Located in the Eastern part on Java Island. Bondowoso is divided into three regions: western region is mountainous which is part of the Mountains Iyang, the middle part is about plateau and undulating, while the eastern part is mountains (part of the Ijen Plateau). Bondowoso is the only district in the horseshoe area which has no coastline. The local inhabitant that live in Bondowoso is about Javanese people, but Bondowoso has affected by various culture that live before Dutch colonialism, which is…

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