Investment in Bondowoso Regency

Tourism sector in Bondowoso Regency has enough prospective opportunity to be developed into tourism industry. It will be capable in a tourism competition with the other area or even in the world. This may be reasonable, because the tourism objects have enough immeasurable and have special characteristic. Its value is also can compare with other area.

The tourism expansion is not only can increase the regency’s earnings, but it also can make Bondowoso knowable well by the tourists. The investor will get a satisfaction, because Bondowoso has its potential region as an investment area with its tourism objects, such as; Ijen Crater, Mount Raung, Singo Ulung Dance, Blawan Waterfall, Polo Agung Waterfall, Tape Bondowoso, Jampit Coffee Plantation, etc.

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Excellent Bondowoso

Bondowoso Bondowoso is other regency in East Java. Located in the Eastern part on Java Island. Bondowoso is divided into three regions: western region is mountainous which is part of the Mountains Iyang, the middle part is about plateau and undulating, while the eastern part is mountains (part of the Ijen Plateau). Bondowoso is the only district in the horseshoe area which has no coastline. The local inhabitant that live in Bondowoso is about Javanese people, but Bondowoso has affected by various culture that live before Dutch colonialism, which is…

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