Lily Flower Garden

Lily flowers are grown and expand at the agro tourism of PTPN XII Garden in Kalisat Jampit, Pakem district and research garden of Puslit Andungsari, Pakem district. This agro tourism is also equipped with a home stay, vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, as well as Arabica coffee fields. All tourists are allowed to buy Lily flowers and flower products that are marketed to Surabaya and Bali, while edelwis flower can be found almost as long as way to Ijen crater from camping ground of Ijen crater. It is about 17 Km from PPTN XII Kalisat Jampit agro tourism or 20 minutes by motor vehicle.

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Excellent Bondowoso

Bondowoso Bondowoso is other regency in East Java. Located in the Eastern part on Java Island. Bondowoso is divided into three regions: western region is mountainous which is part of the Mountains Iyang, the middle part is about plateau and undulating, while the eastern part is mountains (part of the Ijen Plateau). Bondowoso is the only district in the horseshoe area which has no coastline. The local inhabitant that live in Bondowoso is about Javanese people, but Bondowoso has affected by various culture that live before Dutch colonialism, which is…

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