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The Route

Climbers initiate traveling from Malang to Mount Semeru through some places using different public transportation.
From Malang to Tumpang climbers can ride a minicab taking time of about 45 minutes From Tumpang to Ranu Pani Village climbers will pass Gubuk klakah and Ngadas villages.
This travelling wiIl take time of about 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Ranu Pani village is the last village for climbers to report to the Natioral Park office before continuing to Semeru.
In this village climbers can find a climbers lodging for overnight ant resting.

Climbers begin climbing from Ranu Pani to Ranu Kumbolo in the morning at 07am through a trail with a distance of about 9,5 km. The traiIs is relatively flat. This route takes time about 3 - 4 hours to reach Ranu Kumbolo.
After spending time of about 90 minutes, climbers can find a stone wall named Watu Rejeng with the height approximately 350 m.a. part of this route is macadam trail. Along the both side of his trail is dominated by brush and casuarina forest

In Ranu Kumbolo there is a climber lodging for resting and cooking. Water is abundance and the scenary is beautifuI especially in the morning when sunrise emerging between hilly landscape.
The latitude of this place is about 2.400 m above sea level.

From Ranu Kumbolo climbers continue traveling to Kalimati ( 2.700 m asl )
through undulating landscape of savana.
Sometimes they can find various birds. This route can be travelled about
2-3 hours, with the distance of 4,9 km.
In this place climbers can set up tents and if they need water, they should take it from Sumbermani where water is available by travelling a border forest of Kalimati approximately 1-hour round trip.
It is advisable that the need of water can be prepared in Ranu Kumbolo.
From Kalimati, the climbers can continue walking to reach Arcopodo
for about 1 hour. Climbers can also set up tents in Arcopodo however,
the soil is unstable.

Climbers should depart to the peak of Mount Semeru in early morning at about 2-3 am.
It is because they are still fresh, and can use drinking water effective.
If climbing is conducted in late morning, walking on the track become difficult because the sand is more unstable when heated and the wind blowing direction tend to north sweeping Mahameru (Semeru), which maybe contains toxid gas from Jongring Saloko.

When climbers reach the peak of Mount Semeru (Mahameru),
they can observe a crater of "Jonggring Saloko". the unique of this crater is each 10 -15 minutes flowing up volcanic material with initiated by smoke which raise high.
The temperature on the peak of Mahameru is very cold approximately 0 - 4 C.
It is advisable that climbing activity is conducted in dry season from June to September. Hurriance and avalanche sometimes take place in wet season.

Distance and Time Estimation

Distance and time estimation of climbing Mt. Semeru
departed from Malang are as follow :

Malang - Tumpang , 18 km - 45 minutes , public transportation
Tumpang - Gubuk klakah, 12 km - 45 minutes , public transportation
Gubuk klakah - Ranu Pani , 18 km - 120 minutes , public transportation (jeep)

Ranu Pani-Watu Rejeng, 5 km - 90 minutes
Watu Rejeng-Ranu Kumbolo, 4,5km - 90 minutes
Ranu Kumbolo-Kalimati , 4,9km - 120 minutes
Kalimati - Arcopodo , 1 km - 60 minutes
Arcopodo - Peak of Mt Semeru , 1,32 km - 180 minutes

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