Apple Agro Tourism


Apple agro tourism is located at Andonosari village, Tutur subdistrict. It's about 40 km from Pasuruan city. The visitor can be relax and go around the Apple plantation.
If the visitors want to pick some Apples by theirselves and eat the Apples as many as they want, the visitors have to pay a admission fee at first.
The agro tourism covers an area about 1100 hectares and the apples which are planted consist of Manalagi, Rhomebeauty, Anna and Wanle.
The visitors can bring their family to visit this tourism location, because this tourism object is suitable for any ages. Enjoy the Apple trees with its fruits and enjoy the fresh Apples in Pasuruan tourism.
Apple agro tourism is always crowded by the visitors, especially in holiday. This tourism object is also known as Khrisna Agro Tourism. Visit here and enjoy your holiday by pluck Apples.

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