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Pasuruan is one of regencies that lies in main route of Surabaya – Banyuwangi, and it bordered with Madura Strait in the North, Pasuruan regency in East, South and West. To reach Pasuruan can be access around 1,5 hours from Surabaya or either from Malang with the same estimate time.

Geographically, the land in Pasuruan is divided into 3 categories, which is mountainous and hilly area, with the height aroun 180m – 3000, above sea level. This category include Lumbang, Puspo, Tosari, Tutur, Purwodadi, Prigen and Gempol sub-district.

The second category is lowland with the height of 6m to 91m, and this area is fertile for plantation and field. The last category is coastal area, with the height of 2m to 8m above sea level. The area is consist of Nguling, Rejoso, Kraton and Bangil sub-district. Administratively, Pasuruan is divided into 24 sub-districts, 341 villages and 24 hamlet.

Looking at the geographic and lanscape, Pasuruan is has complete categories in case of tourism. Pasuruan has mountain that popularly visited anually, like Bromo Mountain. Pasuruan has so many beaches and hilly area for recreation and family holiday.

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