The Legend of Pasir Lake

Kyai Pasir and Nyai Pasir is spouse couple that lived in mount Lawu forest. They shelter in a house (maisonette), at forest Lawu mountainside, eastside. The maisonette made of forest wood and foliage roof. With a real simple maisonette, both of them have felt very safe and not afraid to the danger, like beast trouble, etc. Moreover, they have lived in the forest for along time so that; they have understanding enough about the environmental around situation and surely can overcome all troubles.

One day, Kyai Pasir went to forest for plant something in his farm, as his daily activities. Because the farm that will be cultivated has many big trees, Kyai Pasir had cut away some big trees that one by one.

Suddenlly, Kyai Pasir surprised because he found a chicken's egg located under a tree, which will be cut away. He sees the egg carefully, a moment questioning in his heart, what egg on the earth that he has found. Though in vinicity had not seen a poultry animal, which usualy laid eggs. Without any think, Kyai Pasir soon return brought the egg and given it to his wife.

Kyai Pasir tell to Nyai Pasir about his first initial finding the egg, until he brougth it. Finally both spouses agree to braise the finding egg. After cooking, Nyai Pasir gave her husband half of egg. Kyai Pasir ate the egg hungrily. Then Kyai Pasir went to the farm to continue his work of tree and plant felling.
On the way return to the farm, Kyai Pasir still felt the egg scrumptious, which had just eaten. But when he arrived at farm, his body felt so hot, stiff and very ill. Firefly eye, cool sweat had gone out to wett all of his body. This distress come suddenly, so that Kyai Pasir unable to detain the pain and finally lodging to the ground. They were hardly confusion because whole of body part was rigid and ill. In this real stall, Kyai Pasir rolled in the ground and roll over awfully. Occult had befallen Kyai Pasir. Suddenly, his body had change form became a big dragon, had feeler, very fearful. The dragon rolls over without desisted.

It was told, Nyai Pasir who lived in house as well as ate a half of the egg, had same condition as experienced by Kyai Pasir. Whole of his body part become pain, stiff and unbelievable temperature. Nyai Pasir become confusion and flew around.

Because this distress finally Nyai Pasir went to the farm to meet her husband for ask help. But what being met, it was not Kyai Pasir, but a fearful and monstrous dragon. Nyai Pasir was surprised and fear when she saw the dragon. But because the pain that girded her was going worse, Nyai Pasir unable to stayed again and lodging to the ground. Nyai Pasir was got the same chance like l her husband. She was lodging to the ground, her body had change become a big dragon, feeler, length tooth and very horrifying sharp-pointed. Both the fragons finally roll over; wriggle in that farmstead caused the ground of the two fragons place become scattering and hollow as it had scoop. The hollow more and more wide and deep, while the big fragon that more awful also roll and suddenly from within the ground hollow which so depth and wide, spurt big water that shine everywhere. In a short time, the hollow have been full of water and Kyai Pasir farm change became big pool called ‘Telaga’ (Lake). This lake by the former local public is named ‘Telaga Pasir’ (Pasir Lake), because Kyai Pasir and Nyai Pasir act caused the existence of this lake.

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