Ngambangan Culture

The heritage of Hindu Buddha history and archaeolog objects is in this place. Nglambangan is a village that is located in east of Madiun city at about 6 km. The area of Nglambangan village is about 133 ha. The legacy of 15 century in Mojopahit era is found in Lambang Sari Temple measuring 20m X 50M. Beside Lambang Sari Temple, it is still many other buildings like: Padmasana, Meru Topang, Bale Kentongan, the Great Door in the Temple, Bentar Temple, Padepokan Pemangku, Padepokan Alit and the Library's Space.

The History Object: Panggungan, Punden, Lambang Kuning, Watu Dakon, Lumbung Selayur, Sumur Kuno, Sendang Jambangan. Likewise Mbah Kromodoworyo house that is also sacred. Every year was held Ceremony of the java traditions that is in Suro month exactly in 1 Suro date.

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