About Madiun Regency

Beauty of Flora Nature
The flora potential in Madiun Regency relied on especially for nature tour and special interest. Proven with the existence of the environmentalists that involved of the interest tour that never went out. With the special agenda that held is the ceremony or the interesting agenda in the tourist attraction that regarded as unique in Madiun Regency area.

Madiun regency
Madiun Regency has two climates each year, that is the dry season happened in May to September and the rain season happened in September to April. Generally, the maximal temperature situation is 33oC and the minimal temperature reached 22oC.

To reach Madiun Regency area is really easy, the location is very strategic and supported by public facilities, including; public bus station, that connected other cities outside East Java.

As the object Region and the attraction of the tour, Madiun Regency had the utility in supporting tourists. It also completed with accommodation tourism such as hotel, restaurant, etc. Typical Indonesian food, East Java, and Madiun are available with its various foods menu.

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