Kertowono Tea Plantation Gucialit

Directly picking tea in the tea plantation certainly be a pretty impressive tourist experience. The chilly air with the expanse of tea gardens are beautiful and verdant as if the natural nuances. Also with the acticities. Also with the activities of tea pickers there to be an endless beauty to be enjoyed and captured with the camera.

Enchantment of beauty that you can get by visiting Kertowono Tea Plantation in Lumajang Regency, East Java.

In the area dubbed as Banana City known as “Kota Pisang” has many areas that are in the highlands. One of them is Guci Alit area located about 35 km from downtown. In the area there is a tourist destination that is quite interesting, namely Guci Alit Tea Plantation area or commonly called by the name “Kertowono Tea Plantation". This area is under the auspices of PT. Perkebunan Nasional XII (PTPN XII) with a commodity mainstay in the form of tea from a very wide tea garden.

Kertowono Tea Plantation Gucialit Lumajang is a tourist destination that you must be visited because of wonderful nature surrounded by the hills. Local residents of Kertowono Tea Garden are also very hospitable towards local and foreign tourists.

If you stay at this plantation, many resorts have been provided by the visitors will be treated to beauty of Lumajang city at night from the top of tea plantation and see beautiful star while enjoying a cup of warm tea. In the morning can enjoy beauty of the sun staring universe and sunrise at the top of the tea plantation. Visitors can take an educational tour to the tea factory to see how the kertowono tea processing is the world's quality tea.

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