About Jombang Regency

The land height of Jombang regency is consisted of 0 - 500 meters height on the sea, broadly 110152, 10 Ha, 500 - 700 meters as width as 5075,6 Ha and to 1000 meters as width as 722,2 Ha.
The Situation of Climate and Weather of Jombang Regency
The geography situation of Jombang Regency area is: 520" - 530" East Longitudes and 720' and 745' south latitude with 115950 Ha broadly regional or the 2,4 % of East Java wide.
The Situation of climate especially the rainfall in Jombang regency that laying on 500 meters height from sea level has low rainfall that has range about 1750 - 2500 mm per year. While for the area in more than 500 meters height from the sea surface, the average of its rainfall reach 2500 mm per year.

Geography Situation
- The wide of the regency area is 115950 Ha: 1159,5 Km2.
- Unfold located between 720 ' and 745'. 520∫ South Latitude - 530∫ East Longitudes.

*The regency area boundaries:
North side: Lamongan regency
South side: Kediri regency
Eastside: Mojokerto regency
Westside: Nganjuk regency
*Public administration consisted of 21 Districts and 301 countrysides, 5 sub-districts.
*The widest district is Kabuh district (13233 Ha) and the smallest is Ngusikan district (34,980 Ha).
*The biggest rainfall is 1750 to 2500 mm per year.

Jombang Regency Demography
1. The Resident Number of Jombang Regency:
In 2002 is 1.143.531 of men that consisted of 561138 of Men and 582393 of Women.
In 2003 is 1.155.449 of men that consisted of 570125 Men and 585326 Women.
2. The biggest resident is in Jombang district (118156 men), while the solid is in Jombang district (3198 jiwa/Km2)
3. The Growth of resident in the 2000 to 2003 is increase mean 0, 68 % per year. The Generation of job searcher in 2003 is 9980, which consisted of 4620 of men and 5360 of women.

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