About Bondowoso Regency

Bondowoso is divided into three regions; west region (mountain region), center region (upland plain and wavy), east region (uplan plain region of Ijen). Bondowoso Regency is one of the regencies in East Java located in the Eastern part that belongs to Jember residency. The regency borders are:
Western part: Probolinggo Regency
Eastern part: Banyuwangi Regency
Southern part: Jember Regency
Northern part: Situbondo Regency.

Rainfall on the average is 2,170.2 meter cubic per year with 91 rainy days and a temperature between 23ºC - 29ºC.

Bondowoso Regency consists of 4 districts, 16 Sub districts, 4 Sub districts Assistance, 10 Political Districts Administrated by "Lurah" (Village Chief) and 182 Villages.
Bondowoso regency is about 1,560 kilometers square. The distances between Bondowoso Regency and other regencies in the area of Jember residency are as follows:
* Bondowoso to Jember 33 Kilometers
* Bondowoso to Situbondo 35 Kilometers
* Bondowoso to Besuki 35 Kilometers

Ancient Inheritance
Ancient Inheritance is an authentic proof from Megalithic era at about 3,000 years ago. At that time, Bondowoso had been touched by ancient human who had the spirit of unity which was marked by the helping each other attitude and the high norm that had been agreed by the society consistently.

These ancient inheritances give new things for science and quantity of cultural assets. It also supports the tourism objects in this area. They are:
1. Batu Kenong (72 pieces)
2. Dolmen (92 pieces)
3. Patung Arca / Batu Nyai
4. Sarkopage (71 pieces)

Latest News

The Legendary Goa Kapur in Bondowoso

Kapur Cave Kapur cave is located near to Blawan waterfall in Kalianyar village, Bondowoso. Goa Kapur or Kapur cave is approximately located around 175 Km from Belawan hot spring. At the cave, the local people believe there is a clear water poll that being used by Damarwulan to wash his face at that time. Damarwulan was a Javanese legendary hero that had mighty power to help the poor. www.eastjava.com

The Mist At Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater Ijen is the complex of volcanic area, which there is a crater of Ijen and its plateau, which has 2,600M and 8,660 M high. Ijen is located in three parts of regencies, which in Situbondo, Bondowoso, and Banyuwangi, East Java. This volcanic area become the most incredible and surreal volcanic area in East Java. In this volcanic mountain, there is also the sulfur mining, regarding that the mountain is still active and produce the nature sulfur. In here, we can see the sulfur miners that collect and carry…

The History Of Singo Ulung Dance

Singo Ulung Dance Singo Ulung dance is a traditional art dance from Bondowoso that annually been performed at Bondowoso’s anniversary. This traditional dance was created by a respected man named Singo. Singo was name of a person who came from Blambangan. He was ran from Blambangan to save himself and stayed in Blimbing village, Klabang district Bondowoso. Singo Ulung and his wife Nyi Moena with Ki Jasiman, were helping and cooperating each other to create a prosperous life of society at Blimbing village. He cared about the rice field and…

Segoro Anakan Means Little Ocean

Segoro Anakan Segoro Anakan is good for sailling sports and fishing. It is still natural and has not been developed. It is a virgin mangrove forest tourism object. the visitors can visit Segoro Anakan through Grajagan coast by boat. It takes about 45 minutes. Segoro Anak is a small bay with the widest mangrove forest in East Java. Based on some research, it founds 26 kinds of 16-mangrove family that dominated with Rhizopora, Bruguiera, Avicenia and Sonneratia. Schypiphora hydrophylaceae and Ceriops decandra is the two kinds of rareness mangrove. This…

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