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Mount Panderman

Mount Panderman is located in Toyomerto sub-village, Songgokerto village, Batu district. Panderman is very famous as hiking and camping tourism object. Hence, this place has become a favorite tourism object for the nature lovers and adventurer.

If you can reach the top of mount Panderman, you can see beautiful nature scenery and also see Batu and Malang city from the top. Beside that, there is also a flower center with its various plants. Through Sidomulyo Street, we can meet many kinds of flower shops.

Mount Panderman is facilitated with security post, path, posts, coffee kiosk, camping ground, etc. Enjoy the real nature life in Mount Panderman and feel the cool air here.

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The Chilling Batu

Batu Batu city is located in 800 meters above sea level, with cold temperature between 17-25,6 degree Celsius. Batu city is an area in East Java that surrounded by mountains. Geographically, Batu is a mountainous area. The potencies of this area are coming from the agro tourism properties, which is fruits, vegetables, mountain panorama and the hills. When the visitors visit to Batu city, the fresh mountain air will welcoming us. There are some tourism destination that most visitors visit regularly, they are; Jatim Park, Selecta, Songgoriti, Agro tourism, Coban…

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