Praburoro Traditional Art Performance

The word of Praburoro comes from the character of this performance whose name is Roro Rengganis. Praburoro is a type of dramatic dance. The stories that are performed come from the Panji, or the tale of Amir Hamzah, which is influenced by Islamic Persian stories. There are about 40 - 50 people who are involved in this performance. The players are divided into 3 groups.

The musical instrument is the gamelan of Java with slendro tone (a typical Javanese gamelan tone). Praburoro is a very unique presentation. First of all, the dance is a Javanese dance. The costumes are modeled after the wayang (puppet) orang performance. The musical instrument is the Javanese gamelan. The songs are also Javanese. However, the songs can be the songs of the Banyuwanginese; such as Padang Ulan, Waru Doyong, Kembang Waru, etc. The story is about the conquest of a non-moslem country. The performance ends with the scene of the King that has been conquered by Menak Agung Jayengrono and Umarmoyo.

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