Maron River

If you are in Pacitan, never missed to visit Dersono Village, Pringkuku Sub-district, Pacitan to find the clear and sparkling River name Maron, where in the here and there you can find the line of green nuance trees. The sparkling and clear water around the River is also used as the source of clean water for people around the village.

Have you heard about Green Canyon? For those who had visited the Green Canyon, then it only takes 45 minutes to reach Maron River from Green Canyon. It also takes only 15 minutes from Goa Gong. In case that Maron River just like a virgin area, then while you enjoying the nuance of this place, it feels like you are on your own area.

The Things About Maron River

  1. The travelers that visiting Green Canyon will passing through Maron River, that has 20 M dept and 4,5km long, for only 45 minutes by using rented boat.
  2. The clear water on Maron River will only appears during summer, for it when rainy season the water will be milky brown
  3. You can rent a boat from local people to downing and enjoy the river that full of Snaper
  4. By spending Rp. 85.000 – Rp. 100.000 for renting a boat with capacity of 5-7 persons, you can ride and enjoy downing the river that drived by the boat man.
  5. If you are lucky, you can see the annual event of rowing contest for 300 meter, that been held since 2012.
  6. In addition to downing the river, you can also surfing the water and do water tubing in Ngiroboyo Beach, which is location of Maron River emptying the water streaming.

To reach Maron River, we have to take about 270 km from Surabaya to Pacitan and 100 km from Solo to Pacitan. You can travel from Solo-Jl Raya Solo-Pacitan- Dersono Village-passing the intersection of Ngadirejan village that part of District Pringkuku. You have to keep safe and be carefully driving because of the road is uphill and winding.

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