Luweng Ombo Cave

One of nature phenomenon in Pacitan that famous from nature’s lovers is Luweng Ombo. Luweng Ombo is settled in Kalak village, Donorejo. Luweng, in Javanese means a hole; while Luweng Ombo is a big hole. This name is describing the condition in Luweng Ombo that refers to the vertical cave that has 130 meter deep and diameter for about 50 meter wide.

Other magnificent thing from this cave is there are halls inside the cave for about 25Km long. This cave is easy to reach by using private vehicles, for the location is near to the main road, or just 10 meter far.

This cave is a favorit place for nature’s lover students; they like to make an event in August 17, at Indonesia’s independent day, where they are held a flag ceremony at this location.

For cave hiker, there are some points inside the mouth of the cave that form horizontally, then the hiker can make some rest before continue the hiking vertically. Luweng Ombo is claimed to the deepest straighten cave in Java. The are water plants that grow all over the walls around the cave, because of the seepage at walls.

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