Monument of Governor Suryo

Left group allege a number of the RI Government member, include the Vice President Hatta have influenced by United States to break the Indonesia Communist Party, in line with Harry S. Truman doctrine, USA President who release the Domino Theory idea. Truman expressed, that if there were one-fall states downwards communism influence, hence its neighbor nations would also fall into the hands of communism, like within reason in domino card game. Therefore, he was very persistent in fighting communism in the world.

Then by 21 Julies 1948 have been performed a meeting secret in "Huisje Hansje" hotel Sarangan, near Madiun that attended by Soekarno, Hatta, Sukiman, the State Ministry, Mohamad Roem (member of Masyumi) and the police head Sukanto, while the stateside present Gerald Hopkins (politics adviser of President Truman), Merle Cochran (Graham substitution that representing America in Good Offices Commission of PBB). In meeting Sarangan, that latter known as "Sarangan Consultation", it is reported on that Republic Government of Indonesia to agree Red Drive Proposal (an eradication proposal of red group). With Arturo Campbell help, Sukanto go to America to receive help for RI police. Campbell who had titled Atase Consular at American Consulate General in Jakarta, in fact is member of Central Intelligence Agency - CIA.

It is issued, that Sumarsoso, Pesindo figure, at 18 Septembers 1948 through radio in Madiun have announced that it had formed the Government of National Front for Madiun. But Soemarsono then argues the accusation that tells at him to announce the forming of Region Front National (FND) and already happened PKI rebellion. He said that FND formed as the resistance of Central government threat. On 19 Septembers 1948, President Soekarno in oration that broadcasted through radio call upon all Indonesia people, to choose: Musso or Soekarno-Hatta. Hence breaking armed conflict, and by then conceived of Madiun Affairs (Madiun Event), and in New Era epoch then expressed as rebellion PKI.

The End of The Conflict

The strength of Musso supporter team battered from two directions: From west by team Division II under Colonel Gatot Subroto leader, what lifted to become Governor Military Region II (Semarang-Surakarta) at 15 Septembers 1948, and team from Siliwangi Division, while eastward attacked by team from Division I, under Colonel Sungkono leader, what lifted to become East Java Military Governor, date of 19 Septembers 1948, and Brigade Big Mobile (MBB) East Java team, M. Yasin leader below.

Big Commander Sudirman submitted to government, that TNI could put to rout supporter teams Musso within 2 weeks. Of course correctness, strength of destroyable Musso supporter teams core in a short time.

At 30 Septembers 1948, Madiun city can be mastered entirely. Republic Team coming from direction of east and the team that came from direction of west, meet in Merdeka Hotel in Madiun. But left group leader along with some their supporter teams, get away and run away to some directions, causing have no is soon catches.

Have just by the end of November 1948 all leaders and the supporter team Musso die or can be caught. Eleven left group leaders, including Mr. Amir Syarifuddin Harahap, former Prime Minister RI, executed on 20 Decembers 1948, for governing Colonel Gatot Subroto.

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