Tanjung Tembaga Port

The fish auction and fish market is one of the favorite places to visit in Probolinggo. The auction is an activity of transaction between the seller and buyer in one place. It's on the north side of Probolinggo, or called Port Probolinggo. Probolinggo city has two ports. The first port is Tanjung Tembaga which is a historical seaport, because formerly for Japanese colonial era this port as a Japanese troops landing and loading purposes of colonization.

In the development of Tanjung Tembaga port transformed into a fish port, loading and unloading of large ships, this ports as inter-island transit port for vessels from other areas.

Tanjung Tembaga port is central fish market offers serene views of surrounding the sea. The fish auction is always crowded with visitors and shoppers during the day, when the fishermen had returned from fishing. About 1 pm, the auction begins. Fresh fish can be bought through a bargaining process. You will get cheap fish, if the fishermen bringing in the catch were abundant. On the other hand, you can participate in fishing activities around the harbor or rent a boat to get more fish. You can also enjoy views of the ocean and Gili island. On the coast, there is a fish market located behind the fish auction. The market sells fresh fish. You can buy a relatively cheap price to bid first.

The society of Probolinggo often travel to the Tanjung Tembaga port and fish market. Also the scenery and atmosphere served pretty well. Admission fee is only levied on motor vehicles. Located in the downtown of Probolinggo, make Tanjung Tembaga port as the favorite destination for the society of Probolinggo.

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