Bee Jay Bakau Resort

BJBR is one of artificial tourist destination in Probolinggo which has extraordinary concept and packaging, both the building architecture design, path lay out to mangrove forest and restaurant in the middle of Mangrove forest. By still optimizing the potential of mangrove forest as tourist destination, BJBR will continue to expand its facilities by build water play area, water boom, flying fox and swimming pool. Through this 500 m path to Mangrove forest, BJBR will continue it by add the route along 1 km to the forest and build a resort, meeting room and research center of endemic species.

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Mask Puppet Show

Mask Puppet Mask puppet is other form of Puppet shows in East Java. Mask puppet is growing in Malang, Probolinggo, Situbondo and Sumenep. The show is like a human puppet, which the puppet played by the human players using mask. … Continue reading

Tenggerese People

Tenggerese People Tenggerese or Tengger People is one of Indonesian tribes that live around Bromo Mountain which located around Pasuruan, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Malang Regency. The Tenggerese are the descendants of the Majapahit Princes. Their population is about 600.000 inhabitants … Continue reading

The Magnificent Bromo

Bromo Mountain Bromo mountain, is the most popular destination in Indonesia that always been visited by both tourist local or foreign. Bromo Mountain is an active volcanic mountain, located in Probolinggo regency, East Java. At 2,329 meters (7,641 ft) it … Continue reading

Going To Gili Ketapang Island

Gili Ketapang Gili Ketapang is an island that is North Sea of Probolinggo. It has beautiful scenery and there are many sands in the east and south of this, unpolluted and bluish. There are many kinds of colorful corals. It … Continue reading

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