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Export quality plastic product manufacturer :
House Ware ,Bathroom Amenities, Furniture & Plastic storage

We are a company that moves in making plastic household equipments.

We proudly would like to introduce export quality
products of ours :

House Ware
Water Jug Riviera 4.0 lt
Jelly Mold
Food Saver Microwave
Allora Cake Tray
Laundry Basket
Furniture & Plastic storage
Millenia Storage
Concerto Series
Bathroom Amenities
General Bath Holder
Dressing Shelf Mirror
Round Wall Mirror

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Thank you for visiting us and your interest on our products,
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Head Office
Jl. Kertajaya 109 Surabaya
East Java, Indonesia
Telp : (031) 503-0450
Fax  : (031) 502-7624, 503-8934
E-mail : multiplast@eastjava.com
Branch Office
Jl. Kapuk Muara
Komp. Duta Harapan Indah Blok VV No. 4-6
Jakarta Utara 14460 - ndonesia
Telp : (021) 662-9076
Fax  : (021) 662-9078

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