This tourist object gives a special and peaceful impression, beautiful panorama of tea plantation. This plantation is situated at the area on the slope of Lawang Sub District. In this object, the visitors can watch the Mount Arjuna, belonging to prossesing of tea, from the leaves to the tea ready to drink. The location is reachable, 30 kms away to the north from Malang.

This stupa is believed to be very big, located at the area 6 kms away to the northwest from Singosari temple. This stupa was constructed on the slope of Mount Arjuna ( + 650 metres high from the sea level ). It has the most various ornaments of all other temples founded in the end of the fourteenth century. The accessibility to reach the temple has no problem we just walk about 500 m from the parking area .


Supo Temple is believed as a Syiwa Temple. Some people called it Empu Supo Temple. Empu Supo is the name of a sacred man who made and created creese (Javanese dagger) at that time. He used to live in the village not far from the temple before it was found. The temple is located in Songgoriti tourist resort at Songgokerto, a village belonging to Batu Administrative town (22 kms away to the west from Malang)

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