These old woman and her grandchild (in the picture) look restful, her fingers are lively to accompany her thought to plait sleepingmat. Facutally, her works have still been needed up to now. This photo gives us something illustration to discribe a neutral model life of a villager in an area of Malang Regency. As the head of the traditional music and dance mask studio "ASMOROBANGUN", located at Kedungmonggo - Karangpandan village, Pakisaji district, Malang Regency, a grandfather KARIMUN has concentrated his attention upon his work since he was adolescence up to now. He has an obsession to develop and make the Malang traditional mask dance live and live forever, included in making or creating the masks themselves as souvenirs. He has created many kinds of mask-souvenirs in many sides and forms that they all are beautiful and interesting to see and to have.



Mount Kawi is the tomb of Grandfather Imam Soedjono, one of the 70 noblemen who took arms against the Dutch accupation led by Prince Diponegoro in 1825 -1830. Next to the grave of Grandfather Imam Soedjono is the tomb of Grandfather Djoego, a local figure who first pioneered a new technology in farming. To many visitors, a pilgrimage to the tombs will bring fortune in their works such as trade, health, farming, etc. The suggested time to visit the sacred sepulchers is customarily on Thursday evenings or Jum'at Legi (Javanese Calendar). The tombs themleves have long been equipped with adequate facilities for both pilgrims and vacationers.


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