This tourist object gives the visitors a special and beautiful panorama of cocoa coffee or rubber plantation. This object is located on the western slope of Mount Semeru the highest mountain in Java. at Dampit Sub District ( 60 kms away to the southeast from Malang ) founded in 1942 before the independence of Indonesia was proclaimed. The access is reachable.

It is located in Kidal village. Tumpang Sub District, 24 kms away to the east from Malang. The height is 17m. but now it just 12 1/2 m. The temple base has a square shape. The door is on the west side.
Above the door. there is 'Kepala Kala" ( Head of Giant ) and lions. The temple was decorated with ornaments which depict Mahabharata story not in sequence.

It is located in Tulungrejo village. Batu Administrative town. It is a beautiful place for swimming, jogging, playing tennis or just spending the weekend with the whole family. It has a wonderful scenery and fresh air.

(Taman Rekreasi Bendungan Karangkates)

The tourist object is not quite different from Selorejo recreational park. In this place, the visitors can also get good and peaceful impression from fishing, boating, skiing or just enjoying the beautiful panorama around the lake. The facilities: golf court, tennis court, camping ground, and many others. The access is easily reachable, 40 kms away to the south from Malang ( 1 hour's drive to the south from Malang )


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