Sendangbiru beach is one of beach resorts in the southern part of Malang Regency, which is free from tumultuous waves of Indonesian Ocean due to the existence of wild - life island of Sempu, 300 metres offshore. At the other side of the beach is now utilized as a Fishing Harbour and the Centre of Fish Disembarkation (PPI) where fishermen disembark their catch in which both are under the Authority of the Fishery Service and managed by KUD (Village Cooperative Unit) " Mina Jaya Pondok Dadap
Officially, the beach of Sendangbiru is managed by the State-owned Forestry Company which has so far provided the beach with inns, guest house, stalls, guard houses, boats etc. To reach Sendangbiru, you have to take a public transportation (mikrolet) to Sumbermanjing wetan, from here you take an "Ojek" (motorcycle used as a public transportation) to travel the remaining distance directly to the beach.
The beach of Sendangbiru is about 70 kms away to the south from Malang, at Tambakrejo, a village belonging to Sub District of Sumbermanjing wetan.

The beautiful waterfall on the mountain resort that is about 26 kms to the west from Malang is very interesting to see. The height of the waterfall is 60 meters. Around the waterfall, visitors can find beautiful panorama, peaceful impression. Facilities: camping ground, jogging track, fishing or playing with the three elephants from the Elephants' School "Waykambas - Lampung". The waterfall is located at Pandansari village, belonging to Pujon Sub District (32 kms away to the west from Malang).

Possessing 3 isles with a distance of about 100 metres each, two of which have been connected with one metre-wide bridge to the shore. Balekambang offers a different atmosphere of beach resorts in the southern part of Malang.
One of the three isles is called ISMOYO, which has a Hindu temple, established by the local Hinduists. Annually, the ritual ceremony of JALANIDHIPUJA 8 SURAN is held here.
Balekambang is provided with some facilities such as parking lots, stalls, inns, souvenir shops, etc.
This beautiful beach is located at Srigonco, a village belonging to Bantur Sub District, 57 kms to the south from Malang and accessible by public transportation.]


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