The History of the Building

Opposite Grahadi, Kroesen Park was laid out in commemoration of the Dutch Residens J.C Th. Kroesen (1888- 1896). Behind the park stands the Joko Dolog statue, dating from the Singhasari Kingdom.

The last Dutch Governor to recide at Grahadi was Ch.Hartevelt who held office from 1941-1942. After independence at 1945, R.T Soerjo (1945- 1948) became the first Indonesian Governor. His statue stand faces the building now.

When Governor Samadikoen took ofice in 1949, Grahadi was declared a state building where prominent visitors of the Governor are received and receptions and other meeting held. Since the time, the govermor's private residence is in other mansions, elsewhwere in the Surabaya city .

Grahadi has become to convention hall and the official residence of Eats Java's Governor. Its official status can be seen from the huge flagpole and the cannons exhibited on the lawn. The building itself reminds us of the Dutchs Colonialism in Indonesia. Official ceremonies are usualy held at the Grahadi park.

The list of East Java Governors as follows :

Dutch East Indies Governors   East Java Governors
1 M. CH. Handerman 1928-1931   1 R.T. Soerjo 1945-1948
2 C. H. De Mann 1931-1933   2 Dr. Moerdjani 1988-1949
3 J. H. B. Kunemann 1933-1936   3 R.Samadikoen 1949-1957
4 CH. O. Van Der Plas 1936-1941   4 R.T.A Milono 1957-1959
5 Mr. CH. Hartevelt 1941-1942   5 R.Soewondo Ranoewidjojo 1959-1963
        6 Moch . Wijono 1963-1967
        7 R.P Mohamad Noer 1967-1976
        8 Soenadar Prijosoedarmo 1978-1983
        9 Wahono 1983-1988
        10 Soelarso 1988-1993
        11 H.M . Basofi Soedirman 1993-1998
        12 Imam Utomo 1998-1999
        13 Setia Purwaka 2008-2009
        14 Soekarwo 2009-2014