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Mojokerto is a small town located in the regency of Mojokerto, but the system of government and regional autonomy are apart from the regency. Mojokerto consists of two districts, that are Magersari district and Prajurit Kulon district. Located about 50km from Surabaya, the city is surrounded by Mojokerto regency. Mojokerto region itself is 3.50 miles along the Brantas river basin, Brangkal refer watershed along 2.25 miles and Kali Sadar of 2 km, which benefits large enough for the life of the population, especially for agricultural irrigation purposes.

To reach Mojokerto town, you can achieve it with Juanda International Airport which is located in Sidoarjo, East Java. From here, you can continue the journey by land. From the airport, you can use a taxi to reach the terminal Bungurasih in Surabaya. From Terminal Bungurasih, the trip can be continued by bus to Mojokerto which takes about 45 minutes.

Whether for business or sightseeing, Mojokerto is a fascinating city to visit. Many areas with different atmosphere, are waiting for you.

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Kesiman Temple

Kesiman Temple Kesiman Temple is located in Kesiman Tengah village, Pacet district, Mojokerto regency. In Kesiman temple there are only the foot and body part remain. This temple is looks out upon west direction. On its fourth body part, has … Continue reading

Trowulan Museum Mojokerto

Trowulan Mojokerto One of Trowulan’s central attractions is the new Archaeological Museum, to be found on the western side of the kolam segaran. Officially opened in 1987, it was built for the purpose of displaying and preserving the ever increasing … Continue reading

Legendary Jolotundo

Jolotundo Temple Jolotundo is like a swimming pool area that located near to Seloliman village, Trawas district, and east slope of Mount Penanggungan. This site is believed has relation with King Airlangga. This temple was prepared for Udayana King from … Continue reading

Jolotundo Site

Jolotundo There are two sites on Mt Penanggungan which can be visited quite easily, that is the bathing places of Jolotundo and Belahan, it located on the western and eastern sides of the mountain respectively. Jolotundo is like a swimming … Continue reading

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