Furniture and Handicrafts

Furniture & Handicraft Beside its food and tourism object, Bojonegoro also famous with its furniture and handicraft products. Bojonegro also known as one of teak wood producer in Java island, because Bojonegoro has big and wide teak forest. So, it is not surprise if this regency has many furniture and handicraft industry that made of teak wood.

Antique Furniture
Bojonegoro One of furniture industry in Bojonegoro is Antique Furniture. This is the famous furniture industry in Bojonegoro that produces many kind of indoor and outdoor furniture. It made of high quality of Teak wood and made by professional craftsmen. It called antique furniture because it has unique and antique form with various design of furniture. You can try to visit Bojonegoro and get this original Teak wood furniture.

Bojonegoro The other Bojonegoro products is handicraft. The center of this handicraft is located in Kasiman district, Bojonegoro. You can find many handicraft that made of teak wood, coconut tree, coconut shell, and the other material. Those handicraft products is made by professional craftsmen with various design and crafting, such as; wooden lamp, wall decoration, vas, miniature, etc. The visitors usually visit Bojonegoro and buy those handicrafts for souvenir.

Bojonegoro really rich of handicrafts. The unique one is terracotta handicraft that made from mud. The handicraft is formed in animals form and painted with unique design. Those terracotta products can be use as house decoration or as a gift for your friend or family. The unique form and design of this terracotta products has attract many visitors to buy it. So that, there are many buyers from many area of Indonesia are come to Bojonegoro just want to buy this product.

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