First of all we would like to thank to all of people who help us to make PAPARANET PHOTO GALLERY possible.

In this case, we also would like to inform you about the history of the existence of photo's people on Internet which is claimed themselves with the name of PAPARANET.

The history begins with our senior from Jakarta, called Bapak Setiadi Yuda, Bapak Toky Yauw, Bapak Bram Lukito, our single figure from Yogyakarta called Bapak Agus Leonardus, Bapak Setiawan, our figure from Bandung Bapak K.C. Limarga, figure from Angin Mamiri town Bapak Alimudin, and the other figure that always claimed that he's from Malang Bapak Paul Zacharia and myself that always keep contacting by e-mail to have chatting, where we inform each other about world of photography. Starting from chatting and informing each other about our world, then we start thinking about how to make what we have done better, so that we can communicate among us to share our hobby, so we have Paparanet unintentionally.


The purpose of photo gallery of some friends is to increase the enthusiasm for photography in Indonesia, so through the Internet we can communicate or share what we know and be able to look at the works of another friends whenever and wherever we are with the very cheap cost and it also can be closed brotherhood among us.

We donít limit the membership just among us but also friends outside Java such as Jambi, Jayapura, Ujung Pandang can also join and send photos each other by using Internet, so the world of photography in Indonesia will be bright and it will also help The Indonesia Photo Salon that be held annually for the more participants.

PAPARANET PHOTO GALLERY is opened for all of photographers or people who have interest in photography wherever you are. Just send your works through e-mail at our Web Site and it's Free !

We look forward to receiving your works along with the data and we hope you send us your advises for our own good.

Surabaya, Indonesia

Best Regards

Budi Darmawan ARPS, ACPA, Hon E.FPSI, FPSI

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