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Hotel Bintang / Star Hotels:

Pelangi Hotel ***
Jl. Merdeka Selatan 3 Malang
Phone (0341) 365151, 365257, 36546

Splindid inn Hotel *
Jl. Mojopahit 4 Malang
Phone (0341) 366860

Taman Regent Hotel ***
Jl. Jaksa Agung Soeprapto 12 - 16 Malang
Phone (0341) 363388

Kartika Graha Hotel ***
Jl. Jaksa Agung Soeprapto 17 Malang
Phone (0341) 361900, 361902, 361903, 361906, 361907.

Tugu Hotel ***
Jl. Tugu 3 Malang
Phone (0341) 363891 (8 lines)
Fax. (0341) 362747, 362765

Hotel Melati Kabupaten Malang - Melati Hotels in Malang Regency

Wonosari Agro Wisata ***
Kebun Teh Wonosari Lawang
Singosari, Malang
PT. Perkebunan Nusantara XII
Phone (0341) 426032
Fax. (0341) 425123

Arjuno View Hotel **
Jl. Dr. Wahidin 25 Lawang, Malang
Phone (0341) 596392

Niagara Hotel *
Jl. Dr. Soetomo 63 Lawang, Malang
Phone (0341) 596612

Waringin Anom Hotel *
Jl. Sumber Kembar 10 Lawang, Malang
Phone (0341) 596553

Wisata Air Panas Songgoriti Hotel ***
Jl. Songgoriti 30 Batu, Malang 13.
Phone (0341) 591126

Wisata Tidar ***
Jl. Tidar No. 1, Malang
Phone (0341) 553575

Pondok Wisata Panca Pesona
Jl. Raya Poncokusumo No. 72
Poncokusumo, Malang
Phone (0341) 787345

Pondok Wisata Manalagi
Jl. Raya Poncokusumo No.
Poncokusumo, Malang
Phone (0341) 788213

Pondok Wisata Bu Irma Mashuri
Jl. Diponegoro RT 37/RW. 6 No.
Poncokusumo, Malang
Phone (0341) 787918

Selorejo Hotel ***
Jl. Selorejo, Ngantang, Malang
Phone (0341) 521084, 521085 14.
Fax. (0341) 521084

Roro Hotel ***
Jl. Raya Wonosari Gunung Kawi Wonosari Malang
Phone (0341)323119.

Chandra Hotel *
Jl. Pasarean Gunung Kawi 329
Wonosari, Malang
Phone (0341) 323105

Indah Jaya Hotel *
Jl. Pasarean Gunung Kawi 554 Wonosari, Malang
Phone (0341) 370104

Surya Abadi Hotel *
Jl. Desa Wonosari Gunung Kawi RT9/RW5 Wonosari, Malang

Gunung Tabor Hotel *
Desa Tulus Besar,
Tumpang, Malang
Phone (0341) 553575

Pondok Wisata Apel Ana

Jl. Raya Poncokusumo No. 158
Poncokusumo, Malang
Phone (0341) 787346

Pondok Wisata Pak Lukman /
Hajjah Sih (Homestay)

Jl. Raya Poncokusumo No. Poncokusumo, Malang
Phone (0341) 787561

Restoran (Kabupaten Malang) - Restaurants in Malang Regency

Taman Indie Restaurant
Taman Indie Restaurant

Jl. Lawang Sewu Golf No. 2-18
Kota Araya Malang 65154
Jawa Timur – Indonesia
Telp. 0341 417777
email : tamanindie@eastjava.com

Warung Biru
Jl. Raya Singosari 121 Singosari,
Phone (0341) 458847

Depot Sari Rasa
Jl. Dr. Wahidin 29/61 Lawang,

Depot Surabaya
Jl. Dr. Wahidin 47 Lawang,
Phone (0341) 426060

Depot "29"
Jl. Raya Randuagung 83
Singosari, Malang
Phone (0341) 458257

Soto Ayam Lombok
Jl. Mondoroko Singosari, Malang

Sopo Nyono
Jl. Dr. Wahidin 45 Lawang,
Phone (0341) 426625

Pringandes Jl. Dr. Wahidin 12
Lawang, Malang
Phone (0341) 426371

Warung Anda
Jl. Ahmad Yani 24
Kepanjen, Malang
Phone (0341) 395030

Bojana Puri Restaurants
Jl. Raya Ngudilengkung
Kepanjen, Malang
Phone (0341) 396246

Depot "99"
Jl. Dr. Cipto Bedali - Lawang,

Depot Cobra Agung
Jl. Raya Randu Gumbolo 32
Singosari, Malang
Phone (0341) 458986.

Jl. Dr. Wahidin 123 Lawang,
Phone (0341) 426234

Jl. DR. Wahidin 99 Lawang
Phone (0341) 426201

Kantri Club
Jl. Raya Singosari 169 Singosari,
Phone (0341) 458757

Pondok Alam
Jl. Raya Singosari 184 Singosari,
Phone (0341) 458834

Warung Ikan Segar
Jl. Raya Kebun Agung 117
Pakisaji, Malang
Phone (0341) 801740

Gunung Kawi Restaurant
Jl. Pasarean 283
Gunung Kawi Wonosari, Malang
Phone (0341) 310119

Jakarta Restaurant
Jl. Pasarean Gunung Kawi
Wonosari, Malang

New Merdeka Restaurant
Jl. Pasarean Gunung Kawi - Wonosari, Malang

Latest News

Gatra Beach in the South of Malang

GIt is likely tourists have an unlimited reference of beaches to visit if they come to Malang City. Here is an example. The name is Gatra Beach and it is located in Sitiarjo. In terms of region, it belongs to Sumbermanjing Wetan Sub-District, actually. For the information, the local government manages it well. That means visitors can expect a clean environment once they arrive at the location. Still, it costs some money to pay the entrance fee. Have no worries. There is no fixed price, so visitors can pay it…

Sempu Island, The Right Place To Have Fun!

Sempu Island Sempu Island, is a small island that settled in the south of Java island. The island is administratively located in Malang regency, East Java. Currently, Sempu island os a nature reserve protected by the government. In this island is barely brackish springs founded. Sempu is an island with a beautiful sea lagoon Segara Anakan inside, with turquoise seawater, and white sandy beach. Sempu Island is in Malang region and it takes 3 hours driving to the harbor near the island, Sendang Biru. The visitors can rent a boat…

Wonosari Tea Plantation – Malang

Wonosari Tea Plantation Wonosari Tea Plantation is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, Malang regency, East Java. This plantation is located at an altitude between the elevation of 950-1250 with temperatures between 19-26 degrees Celsius. This plantation is managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara XII (Persero), the state company (BUMN) that running in the field of coffee, cocoa, rubber, tea, and horticulture. Wonosari Tea Plantation is one of a comfortable place to visit because of the mild climate conditions and the natural beauty sightseeing around the field. This agro tourism…

The Majestic Of Singasari Temple – Malang

Singosari Temple Singosari temple, is also known as Kendedes temple, was founded in honor to the King Kertanegara, who was the last king of Singosari dynasty who died in 1292 AD. This temple was erected in 1300 AD at the same time when the ritual Sradha took place. In the vicinity of the temple there are two gigantic statue called Dwarapala, believed to be the entrance guards to the palace. This temple has saved the historical story that always remember by Malang public. However, Singosari temple is a symbol of…

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