Hotels in Magetan Regency


Imelda Hotel

Hill Indah Hotel

Sarangan Hotel

Abadi Hotel

Asia Jaya Hotel

Agung Wisma

Arika Wisma

Baru Losmen

Cemara Wisma

Dewi Wisma

Garuda Hotel

Graha Cirro Stratus


Indrawati Hotel

Kartini Hotel

Kintamani Hotel

Karunia Wisma

Larasati Penginapan

Lawu Hotel

Martini Wisma

Mayang Sari Wisma

Merdeka Villa

Mulia Hotel

Nirwana Hotel

Nusa Indah Hotel

Nusantara Losmen

Ngerong Indah Hotel

Pantes Hotel

Perhutani Wisma

Pinaringan Wisma

Purbaya Hotel

Raya Hotel

Rejeki Hotel

Sanur Hotel

Jl. Jend A Yani 76

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sumatra 48

Ngerong Dadi Magetan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Ngerong Plaosan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan Plaosan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Ngerong, Desa Dadi, Kec. Plaosan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Ngerong 1

Jl. Sarangan

Jl. Sarangan

Phone: (0351) 895555

Phone: (0351) 898012

Phone: (0351) 898022

Phone: (0351) 898018

Phone: (0351) 898027

Phone: (0351) 898071

Phone: (0351) 888758

Phone: (0351) 898006

Phone: (0351) 898006

Phone: (0351) 895461

Phone: (0351) 888003

Phone: (0351) 898026

Phone: (0351) 888070

Phone: (0351) 898046

Phone: (0351) 898067

Phone: (0351) 898033

Phone: (0351) 897077

Phone: (0351) 898034

Phone: (0351) 898008

Phone: (0351) 898101

Phone: (0351) 898068

Phone: (0351) 898031

Phone: (0351) 898059

Phone: (0351) 888498

Phone: (0351) 898021

Phone: (0351) 898037

Phone: (0351) 888816

Phone: (0351) 898046

Phone: (0351) 898025

Phone: (0351) 898133

Phone: (0351) 898077

Phone: (0351) 888039

Phone: (0351) 898140

Phone: (0351) 898055


Bahagia Depot

Citra Mirasa Depot

Tirta Rasa Baru Rumah Makan

Jl. Terminal 20

Jl. Jend A Yani 21

Jl. Pahlawan 1

Phone: (0351) 896851

Phone: (0351) 895380

Phone: (0351) 895666

Latest News

The Crowd In Ledug Suro Ceremony

Ledug Suro Ledug suro is one of annual ceremonial that being held in some regencies in each province in Indonesia. Each provinces are having different names but have the same purpose. This Ledug Suro is particularly known for Magetan Regency. Ledug Suro is having purpose to celebrate the year of Saka, which starting on 1st Suro. The word Ledug Suro is taken by Lesung Suro and Bedug Muharam (Ledhug), which is drum that continually and it is been combined by the sound of gong and more instruments that make unique…

Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake Telaga Sarangan is also known as sand lake, is a natural lake that lies at the foot of Mount Lawu, Plaosan district , Magetan regency, East Java. Located about 16 kilometers west of the city Magetan, Sarangan is having 30 acres and and 28 meters depth. With air temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius, Telaga Sarangan able to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The atmosphere is obviously become the most interesting place for the downtown people. Telaga Sarangan is Magetan’s tourism. Around the lake,…

Ledhug Suro Ceremony, Magetan

Ledhug Suro There are so many ways that being held by the local government to celebrate the new year of Hijriah. At Jogjakarta there is Sekaten, at Solo (Central Java) there is Grebeg Syuro because it coincidently come with the change of Java’s year which starting from Suro. Any other places like Sukabumi (West Java) is also celebrate this Islamic new year by doing Larung. In Magetan, East Java, in order to attract the visitors to come, they make “Ledhug”. Lesung Suro and Bedug Muharam (Ledhug) is typical of drum…

Sadon Temple

Sadon Temple Sadon temple or Reog temple is located in Sadon hamlet, Cepoko village, Panekan sub-district, Magetan. The local inhabitants are familiar with Reog temple than Sadon temple. It precisely located on 3 km from Magetan city. This temple was a relic of Majapahit kingdom, that was Shiva Temple, but it is not known exactly when and on what purpose this temple was made. This temple was discovered by a Dutch researcher named Hupermand on 1866, in a state that was not perfect anymore. In 1969, with the supported by…

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