Akomodasi di Kabupaten Jombang


Yusro Hotel

Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 25 Jombang - East Java
Phone: +62 321 - 878 800
Fax: +62 321 - 868 039
Email: info@yusrohotel.com
Web: www.yusrohotel.com

Dewi Hotel
Jl. Cempaka No. 2 Jombang

Sumber Rejeki Hotel
Jl. Gatot Subroto Jombang

Indah Hotel
Jl. Urip Sumoharjo Jombang
Telp. 62-321-861966

Jl. Urip Sumoharjo Jombang
Telp. 62-321-860155

Fatma Hotel
Jl Jend Urip Sumoharjo No.22-24
Phone 62-321-861665, 861222

Melati Hotel
Jl Panglima Sudirman 63
Phone 62-321-861389

Sentral Hotel
Jl Merdeka 60
Phone 62-321-861566, 863479


Bethani Restaurant
Jl Jend. A Yani 137 Jombang
Phone 62-321-863868

Mahkota Restaurant
Jl Merdeka 97 A Jombang
Phone 62-321-863275

Mayar Bakery & Tivoli Restaurant
Jl KH Wachid Hasyim 190 Jombang
Phone 62-321-861417

BU DUR Restaurant
Kantin Pemkab Jombang.
Jl. Wakhid Hasyim No 137 Jombang.

Rahayu Restaurant
Jl. Blimbing Jombang

POJOK II Restaurant
Jl. Perak Jombang

DEPOT BAMBU “Bamboo” Restaurant
Jl. Jombang
Samiasih Restaurant
Jl. Hasyim Asy’ari Jombang

Handoyo Restaurant
Jl. Kawi Ngoro Jombang

RM. Murni
Jl. Merdeka Jombang

RM. Damai
Jl. Ahmad Yani Jombang

Jl. Merdeka Jombang
Jl. Wakhid Hasyim Jombang
Jl. Raya Peterongan Jombang

“28” Restaurant
Jl. Ngoro Jombang.

AMIN Restaurant
Jl. Ngoro Jombang

Lestari Restaurant
Jl. Joyoboyo Jombang (Ex. Wersah Gg II)

PONDOK IJO Restaurant
Jl. Aditya Warman Jombang

Dragon Restaurant
Jl. Sukarno Hatta Jombang

Nikmat Restaurant
Jl. Brigjend Kretarto Jombang

Bajang II Restaurant
Jl. Sukarno Hatta Jombang

Rindang Asri Restaurant
Jl. Jagung Suprapto Jombang

S A R I Restaurant
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim Jombang

TIVOLI Restaurant
Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim Jombang

Semeru Restaurant
Jl. Ahmad Yani Jombang

Sedep Malem Restaurant
Jl. Kartini Jombang

Jl. Aditya Warman Jombang

RM. Safitri
Desa Sidowareg Kec. Jombang

Latest News

The Most Beautiful Islands in Sumenep Madura, Its Enchantment Spoils the Eyes

Not inferior to other cities in East Java, Madura Island also has interesting natural beauty. Each region has its own charm, Sumenep is no exception. In addition to its delicious culinary, Sumenep also has beautiful islands. Some islands even still have few visitors. Curious where is it? Check out this list of the most beautiful islands in Sumenep, Madura, East Java! White sand and clear water, Gili Labak is one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Every corner of this island feels Instagrammable. Gili Labak or Gili Lawak, is one…

Sapangkor Besar Island

Sapangkor Besar Island Sapangkor Besar island is one of islands in Kangean archipelago. It administratively located in Sumenep regency, Madura, East Java, and lies between Sapangkor Kecil in the west, Saur island in the east, Paliat island in south and Bali island in north. Sapangkor Besar is such a rich and fertile island, which all of the nature sources are available like agriculture, plantation, salt works, forest, and fisheries. The nearest island to this Sepangkor Besar is Sepangkor Kecil, and we can cross by using small boat or even by…

Mamburit Island, Madura

Mamburit Island Mamburit island is one of islands in Kangean archipelago and it administratively located in Sumenep regency, Madura, East Java. Mamburit Island is located on the western side of Kangean island and it lies for about 500 M and an approximately length of 1,000 M for which on the north coast is having 1 km in length. There is a lighthouse in the island, and it can be reach during the sunset to see a dramatic nuance of the twilight. The island has a population of approximately 1,000 people,…

Pagerungan Besar Island – Madura

Pagerungan Besar Pagerungan beasar is one of the islands in Kangean islands group. The island is located at the east of Pagerungan Kecil island. Administratively, the island is located in the Sumenep, East Java, Indonesia. Pagerungan Besar Island is such a remote island that located within 60 Miles of Bali island. From the historical records, Pagerungan island had been invented and populated since the early 1910s. But now the island has been etched in the history of oil in Indonesia as a natural gas-producing region. Until now many oil companies…

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