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Batu City is one part of East Java area. Geographically, it is located in
- 7,44deg 55,11" s/d 8,26deg 35,45" South Latitudes
- 122,17deg 10,90" s/d 122,57deg 00,00" East Longitudes.

The area has 202,800 Km2 width or same as 20,280 ha, bordered by:

South Side: Dau district and Wagir district
West Side: Pujon district
East Side: Karang ploso district and Dau district
North Side: Mojokerto regency and Prigen district

The Wide Area
Batu city is one part of the East Java Province, it have 202,800 km2 or equal to 20,280 ha width.

The situation of topography in Batu city has two different characteristics, that is north and west side is hilly and surging height area, while east area and south area that is relatively flat though at 700 m height from sea level.

Climatology situation of Batu city has temperature minimum of 24-18ºC and maximum temperature 32-28ºC. Its air humidity is 75-98% and the rainfall average is 875 - 3000 mm/year. Because of that condition, Batu city is suitable for sub tropic plants of horticulture plants and cattle.

Batu City is divided into 3 districts and 23 villages / sub districts. The districts are Batu district with 46,377 Km2 widths, Bumiaji district with 130,189 Km2 widths and Junrejo district with 26,234 Km2 widths.

The History Of Batu City
Since 10 century, Batu city and its surroundings has known as the resort for family, because the region is mountain area with the ruthless of balmy air, also supported with the beauty of nature as a mountain area. When it has led by King Sindok (Mpu Sendok), an empire member named Mpu Supo is commanded by King Sendok to build a family resort monarchic in a mountain, which is near to the wellspring. With all of the effort, to found a resort like the one, which wanted by the King, finally Mpu Supo found an area in Songgoriti area, which now has known, as Songgoriti tourism area. The King was agreed with that area and Mpu Supo, which has miraculous power, started to build the Songgoriti area as the family resort monarchic and he also build a temple called Supo temple.

As the King desire that resort had intended to have a wellspring, hence in the resort, there is a wellspring that flowing cold and cool as a wellspring in mountain area. The cool wellspring is often applied to clean “Keris” (the traditional Javanese knife), which is sacred as patrimony object from Sendok Empire. Because of the wellspring that has often applied to clean sacred empire objects and have strength of supernatural, (Magic) extremely great. Finally, the wellspring that is initially felt cold and cool finally turn into warm temperature water. Moreover, the warm temperature water, now become the endless of source in Songgoriti area tourism.

Batu city, which located on hillside of mount Panderman with 700 to 1100 meters height above sea level, based on the old fellow stories, document and also had traced about the existence, now have not known yet about his certainty time about the name of “B A T U" start called as named the health resort area. From some prominent local publics of course have ever told that the naming of Batu was come from name of a follower Moslem scholar Prince Diponegoro which so called Abu Ghonaim or conceived of Kyai Gubug Angin, that later on chummy local public had call him with “Mbah Wastu”. From the habit of Java culture that is often to cut short and take a short cut about the naming of someone name who felt too length, finally by the degrees of Mbah Wastu is called Mbah Tu to become mBatu or Batu as a mention that being applied for the ‘Cold City’ in East Java.

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