East Java Beaches and Marine

teleng beach

We are very pleased to introduce Eastjava's Marine and Beaches as a tourist destination choice for tourists and bussiness travellers alike.Eastjava, one of the provinces in Indonesia covering 48,000 sq.km of main land and 110,000 sq.km of waters, settled between two world class tourist destinations Yogyakarta and Bali.

Rich of natural beauty sights and cultural heritage, East Java is easily fitted to your trip from Yogyakarta to Bali. Besides, East Java has a lot of marine and beaches tourist destination. They are located at the capital of the province and on the northern and southern coasts of East Java.

7*12' to 8* 48' South Latitude and
110* 52' to 114* 42' East Longitude

North : Java Sea
East : Strait of Bali
South : Indian Ocean
West : Central Java

Main Land : 48.000 sq. km
Waters : 110.000 sq. km
Isles : 74

Climate :
Dry season (April - October)
Rainy season (November - March)

Average temperature :
19* - 36* C