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Eastjava.com was build since 1998 and it is an East Java’s Internet portal. We have been proof our professionalism to build East Java’s tourism objects. We are trying to play the role to keep our existence to promote the potentials of East Java internationally, especially in tourism object. We have been change, as the world go change, in matter of increasing our skill and professionalism, it can be shown by our photos, which colleted as an icon from each place we reported, from all regencies on East Java. Moreover, EastJava.com is also supported with High Resolution Map, which can be a guide for the foreign visitors who like to come to Indonesia, especially to East Java. We are frequently completing our information, in matter of increasing the latest articles with interactive pictures and the objects description on East Java. Beside, you can also find the directory for accommodation that enables you to make your comfort while visiting East Java.


It has been nine years, EastJava.com has existed on the Internet, and not only the matter of ages, but it also about the experience that we make into this point of succeeds. We are currently made good hits shown by our data statistic, Google.com itself is notify that EastJava.com has more than 10,000 of information pages, include of hundreds daily visits from both local or foreigner. We are the pioneer for East Java, in case of promoting the potentials of East Java in international public, especially for exporting products, such as: furniture, handicraft, garment, jewelry, design, etc. also for the tourism objects like, hotel, restaurants, souvenir, the objects, etc.


In case of supporting the development and the potentials of East Java, we are giving the chance for the companies in East Java to join with us in EastJava.com and enjoy the facilities that we serve to promote your website and your business skill. We offer many web facilities, including: Web hosting with high capacity, compatible and good server, and the promotion. We guarantee that your website will place in good rank and there will be many visitors, both from local and foreign. Suppose you do not have website, EastJava.com will help you to consult your web design, as a bonus for you. Yet, for those who already have website, you can move your server into us to get the guarantee in case of the stable and the speed, this is also a bonus for you.


EastJava.com have been trust by the companies to be a single media to promote Indonesia Potentials to international public. Thus, at present time EastJava.com have number of members both from export business and tourism, because we have valuable price yet the guarantee in quality.

Please join with us in EastJava.com to increase the potential of export product and the tourism. EastJava.com also would like to give chance for the foreign importer to get the references of East Java exporters to improve their business and corporation.


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