Seven rooms in Submarine :

The first room
The first room or bow torpedo room, there are four torpedo tubes and the rest room of ratings and serve torpedo. Under deck also there is a Sonar Dome.

The second room
The second room or officer Lounge room, also officer dining room and officer working.
Under deck also there is Battery Room group 1.

The Third Room
The third room or Central information Combat (CIC) and also combat actifity was carried out there also under deck as meal store.

The Fourth Room
It also the Petty Officer room and kitchen.
Under deck there is also Battery room group II

The Fivth Room
The Fivth room or engine room there are two diesel engine, and auxilliary machine and monitor system.

The Sixth Room
The sixth room or motor electric room as ship driving, and auxilliary motor with monitor system.

The Seventh Room
The seventh room or stern torpedo, there are two torpedo tubes to attack or to avoid.

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