( Bagus Farmers Association )

Aneka macam Bunga milik anggota petai bagus

This association covers the villagers from different villages and districts in Malang Regency. This association was founded in order to write the same opinion to save the quality of vegetables, fruits, flowers and, horticultural products.
By taking and giving theories they have to one another, they believe they can apply their reliable apinion. This association gains support from the best institution in Malang , Agriculture Faculty -Braawijaya University.

The Office:
Jl. Purwosenjoto Gintung / Bulukerto, Bumiaji district, Kotatif Batu, Malang
telp: (0341) 93966 - 92072

The word "Bagus" ( Javanese = good ) comes from the abbreviation of Bebarengan Agawe GiateUpaya Sosial ( Bebarengan= together, Agawe = to make, Giate = work hard, Upaya = efforts, Sosial = social / Society ).

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