Baskalan dance is one of.Malang special dances used to open a ceremony or to welcome the prominent guests. The ' Beskalan" (according to the Javanese Geneology) is derived from the word Bakalan" meaning the basis of all forms that can appear in the physical or metaphysical things. Because of it, Beskalan dance is always performed in the first rotation of a ceremony. In this case. the word "Beskalan" coming from the word "Bakalan" can be interpreted as 'first".
The other dance, besides Beskalan dance. is a special Mask Dance, Malangan Mask Dance. This dance usually tells about "Panji" story (Javanese nobleman story). In Malang Regency, there are two "Padepokan Seni" or art studios that keep Malangan Mask Dance surviving. They are Asmorobangun Art Studio at Kedungmonggo, belonging to Karangpandan village, Pakisaji Sub District and Mangundharmo Art Studio at Glagahdowo village, belonging to Tumpang Sub
- Asmorobangun Art Studio about + 12 kms away to the south of Malang
- Mangundharmo Art Studio about 20 kms away to the east of Malang

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