Special From Mojokerto : Onde-Onde

Onde onde is a kind of pastry snacks are popular in Indonesia. This cake is very famous in Mojokerto city. Onde-Onde has exist since the time of Majapahit. Mojokerto has known as Onde-Onde city since years ago. When you go to Mojokerto is not complete if you have not tasted Onde-Onde. There are a variety of variations, the best known is Onde-Onde made ??from glutinous rice flour and filled with green bean. Another variation is only made from wheat flour and colored such as white, red, or green.

Almost all patisserie in Mojokerto provide these snacks. The most famous is Onde-onde Bo liem located on Niaga Street. It could be considered that Boliem is the pioneer of Onde-Onde product in Mojokerto. Boliem is a family business that now has spread its stores in Mojokerto city. Usually the visitors buy this Onde-Onde BoLiem as their souvenirs from Mojokerto. Because this soft Onde-onde is suitable for souvenirs need. So if you visit Mojokerto, complete it with buy Onde-Onde BoLiem.

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