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Galeri Foto Wisata Bojonegoro

Pacal Dam
It was the Dutch legacy reservoir that was built during 1933, the area of this reservoir ± 3.878 km with the depth 25 metre. Beside his main function this reservoir was to irrigate the agricultural field in the Bojonegoro regency where this was also comfortable to be visited. [More...]
Khayangan Api The Bojonegoro regency had the tourist attraction that a large number of and was varied, good the nature tour, the artificial tour, the cultural tour, the pilgrimage tour. [More...]

WanaTirta Dander
Next south the Bojonegoro city be at a distance 13 km was gotten the nature tourist attraction and the artificial tourist attraction, to be precise in the village dander kec. Dander that famous by the name of Tirtawana, [More...]

Buyut Dalem Graveyard
The Pilgrimage tour in the Bojonegoro regency that most close to the regency city was the Grave of Raden Prince Aryo Dalem or famous with the Buyut Dalem term. [More...]

Syeh Mukadar Graveyard
In the Sukorejo village the subdistrict Malo the Bojonegoro Regency, there was a Pilgrimage tourist attraction that was not forgotten by the Bojonegoro community and surrounding area, [More...]

Taman Tirta Waterpark
Was a swimming pool tourist attraction that very strategic, because of being located in the Bojonegoro city, that to be precise in the WR. Supratman road. [More...]

Hok Swie Bio Temple
Hok Swie Bio Temple is one of religious place in Bojonegoro. It is Tri Dharma religious place and famous with its Dragon Head design. It looks like a chinese area, because the design is seems like Chinese style. [ More...]

Furniture & Handicraft Beside its food and tourism object, Bojonegoro also famous with its furniture and handicraft products. Bojonegro also known as one of teak wood producer in Java island, because Bojonegoro has big and wide teak forest. [ More ...]

Antique Furniture
One of furniture industry in Bojonegoro is Antique Furniture. This is the famous furniture industry in Bojonegoro that produces many kind of indoor and outdoor furniture. [More..]

Ledre is kind of snack, typical of Bojonegoro. It formed gapit ( like rolled chips emping) with sweet plantain aroma. The nice one is banana taste. [More..]

Bojonegoro really rich of handicrafts. The unique one is terracotta handicraft that made from mud. The handicraft is formed in animals form and painted with unique design. [More..]

Salak Wedi
Salak Wedi taste is beloved, delicious and fresh. Those trees can be met in every lawn of resident house in Wedi village and its surroundings.[More..]

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