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Indonesian Food

Tradisional Food

  • Nasi Ayam Lodo “Paregreg”
    Lodo seasoning chicken served with rice, steamed fresh vegetables, sambal
  • Nasi Timbel Mangkunegaran
    Fried chicken, sour vegetables, tofu and tempe bacem, salted fish, served with rice covered on banana leaves, fresh vegetables & Sambal
  • Nasi Gudeg Kepatihan
    Jackfruit vegetable, chicken opor, boiled egg, sambal goreng krecek, cucumber, served with rice, sambal& chips
  • Nasi Buk Madura
    Empal, Jackfruit vegetable, fried chicken, fried tofu sambal , served with rice, crackers lung & Madura special sauce
  • Sate Ayam Madura
    Chicken Satay served with rice cake, soy sauce, chili & onion slices
  • Soto Ayam Madura
    Chicken Soto served with rice, sambal & crackers
  • Gado-gado Kayutangan
    Stew vegetables, peanut souce, sambal and crackers
  • Sate Klopo
    Chiken satay covered with coconut grater, serve with rice cake and sambal
  • Nasi Kampoeng
    Java roast chicken, urap-urap, jackfruit vegetables, served with rice and sambal
  • Nasi Bebek Betutu
    Duck roasted with Balinese spices served with rice, stir cassava leaves, beans cracker and sambal matah
  • Nasi Ayam Pelalah
    Chicken shred cooked with Balinese spice served with rice, stir papaya, shrimp, peanuts and sambal matah
  • Ayam Penyet Bakar
    Grilled chicken served with white rice, chilli paste and fresh vegetables cooked
  • Ikan Gurami Mulet kering
    Carp fried sour vegetables served with rice, sambal and fresh vegetables
  • Bakmi Goreng Saudagar
    Chicken noodle, shrimp, cabbage, meatballs, bean sprouts, Scramble eggs, mustard greens, fried onions and pickles

Special On Taman Indie

  • Sup Iga Bening
    Beef ribs soup, served with rice, lemon & sambal
  • Sup Ikan Pantai Sanur
    White snapper cooked with Blimbing wuluh & cucumber, served with rice & sauce
  • Bebek Suwir Penyet Tabur Bawang Goreng
    Fried shred duck cooked& chilli paste, served with steamed rice & fresh vegetables & chilli sauce
  • Sego Ndeso
    Stir papaya, vegetables, roasted chicken in soy sauce, spice shrimp satay salad served with rice, nut cracker, egg omelette, sambal
  • Sup Buntut Taman Indie
    Fried oxtail soup served with white rice, soup, chili sauce & chips
  • Bakmi Anglo
    Fried noodles, chicken Shred & vegetables, cooked with typical Indie Park anglo
  • Sego Bungkus Ndeso
    White rice, chicken curry, vegetables, tempe and tofu, cucumber, peanut cracker
  • Ayam Taliwang
    Roast chicken cooked with special spices served with sambal matah
  • Cumi Gapit
    Grilled squid that have been processed with special seasoning served with sambal matah
  • Sate Indonesian Food
    Grilled squid that have been processed with special seasoning served with chilli sauce
  • Bebek Lada Hitam
    Duck cooked with special spices served with black pepper sauce

Fried Rices

  • Nasi Goreng Saudagar
    Fried rice with seasonings (chicken & shrimp), bean sprouts, scrambled eggs, cabbage, noodles, chicken pieces, sliced boiled egg, sambal, prawn crackers & pickles
  • Nasi Goreng Szechuan
    Szechuan seasoning fried rice with snapper, shrimp, squid & chilli slices
  • Nasi Goreng Kepiting
    Fried rice with crab meat, shrimp, meatball & pea pods, sprinkled with crab meat & eggs
  • Nasi Goreng Bebek
    Fried rice and duck meat mixed with special Park Indie seasonings, served with slices of egg omelette, pickles & crackers
  • Nasi Goreng Merah
    Fried rice mixed with chicken, shrimp & tomato sauce, sprinkled with sliced egg omelette

Crispy Foods

  • Bebek Kremes
    Fried Duck crispy served with steamed rice, fresh vegetables, chilli & sweet soy sambal
  • Ayam Kremes
    Fried chicken crispy served with white rice / rice roasted, fresh vegetables, garlic chili sauce
  • Ikan Bawal Kremes
    Fried pomfret crispy fish served with white rice / rice roasted, fresh vegetables, garlic chili sauce plow
  • Ikan Gurami Kremes
    Fried carp crispy with white rice / rice roasted, fresh vegetables and garlic chili sauce plow