Mesothelioma Studies and Resources


    The Road Back to Health: Coping With the Emotional Aspects of Cancer
    By Neil A
    . FioreFiore, a psychologist, was himself diagnosed with cancer in 1974. As such, he has unique insight into the questions, fears, and issues confronting the cancer patient. He shows readers how to become informed about their illness, participate in therapy decisions, establish team relationships with doctors and therapists, practice positive imaging, and share feelings with family and friends.

    Coping With Chemotherapy, By Nancy Bruning
    After undergoing chemotherapy herself, author Nancy Bruning decided to write a candid and authoritative book to fill the void of information available for patients facing this procedure. In this completely revised, updated, and thoroughly researched edition, she details every step of the process, providing information even doctors neglect to tell their patients, including possible sexual and emotional side effects and ways to combat them.

    What You Really Need to Know About Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Their Families, By Dr. Robert Buckman
    Written for cancer patients and their families by a noted oncologist, the book combines a complete and accessible general explanation of cancer with detailed information about specific kinds of cancer, all presented in a voice that is as authoritative as it is kind.

    Understanding Cancer : A Patient's Guide to Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment, By Norman C. Coleman, Ellen L. Stovall
    Dr. Coleman aims to assist the person who has received a diagnosis of cancer in sorting through all the confusing and possibly conflicting information coming from doctors, friends and the media. His goal is to help patients understand how risks and benefits are measured in order to work effectively with their doctors in choosing the most appropriate treatment.

    Cancer Clinical Trials : Experimental Treatments & How They Can Help You (Patient-Centered Guides), By Robert Finn, Linda Lamb (Editor)
    Medical journalist Finn explains the structure, administration, and history of various experimental cancer studies as well as the laws affecting them. He provides understandable background information, gives the consumer guidance for locating and appraising a clinical trial, and explores the pros and cons of whether to enter a research study.

    Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy (Everyone's Guide to Cancer Therapy, 4th Ed) By Malin, Md. Dollinger, Ernest H., Md. Rosenbaum, Greg Cable, Summerville House, Ernie Rosenbaum
    In Everyone's Guide To Cancer Therapy, readers will learn the latest theories and practical information available in cancer treatment. Written in easy-to-understand text with instructive illustrations, the book outlines everything from getting second opinions to the role of sleep to what's available on the Internet.