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J.J. Banana specializes its business activity in banana crackers and banana flakes which was established about 10 years ago. Our company is located in a small town called Lumajang, East Java - Indonesia where that region is known as Banana Town. Banana from this town is distributed to all over Indonesia, especially banana called Pisang Agung. This kind of Banana can be grown only in one region in Lumajang because that region has the different soil with other area.

Starting from our concerning to home industry in our hometown, our company manages them how to process the products which can meet the international standard and we also help them in promoting and marketing in and out side Indonesia. Now they can produce banana crackers and banana flakes that meet the International standards. Especially for banana flakes, our people donít dry the banana under the sun as usual but they are dried in the oven, it makes the banana will be more hygienic and the color also wont turn black but yellowish and the most important thing is that banana will be more sterile. The expire date of our banana flake can be reached for 1 year.

So, what ared we assure you, you will got the different taste !!!

If you are really interested in our products, just contact us !

Jl. Jend. Suprapto No. 5 Lumajang 67311, East Java - Indonesia
Phone : (62-334) 881239, Fax : (62-334) 884628
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