Aesthetic Forest is a result of a combination of several factors such as location,
vegetative configuration, fauna and environments.
This means that we can find harmonious natural life inside the aesthetic forest,
full of peace among its supporting factors in the form of vegetative and living natural earth crust.

By enjoying the combined natural factors presented, created by God The Almighty,
we can more appreciate his blessings we can even feel more peaceful and
safe amidst his creations which is untouched by human evil hands.
Its natural condition is an ideal place for either hiking, mountain climbing,
camping, or photographing.

These aesthetic forest lines are realized and developed by the forest state corporation
(Perum Perhutani ) in its territory so that these potential can be utilized as
a means of footring to love the nature.

The biography of "Kakek Bodo" in brief.
According to story told by the local people, " Kakek Bodo " came from from the name of
a servant of a Dutch family who was both devoted and honest.
He left the Dutch family to purity himself from the worldly life the by practising asceticism.
For this reason the Dutch family dubbed him as a foolish(bodo) grandy(kakek).
His asceticism, however, made him accuire super natural power enabling him
to assist the local people who came for help.
Finally he died and his grave has been considered sacred by the local people ever since.



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