Kkkekbodo waterfall   One can see water-falls:
The "Kakek Bodo" water fall ( 40 m. high)
believed to posses a magic power of
keeping one young if he bathes there.
The " Alap-alap" water fall ( 30 m . high )
The " Phutuk Truno " water fall ( 45 m . high )
The " Sengguruhap" water fall ( 30 m . high )


grave   The grave
of the " Kakek Bodo "
is considered
sacred by the local people.



pinus route   akasia route

Attraction tobe seen and enjoyed on this spot :
· From the altitude of 850 m. one can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view
of Pandaan and Tretes towns until as high as 1,100 m above sea level.
Above the altitude of 1,980 m. forest of pure natural spruce fig-trees are found with their chirping follage carrying the mountain winds.
· In Lalijiwa one can relax on the soft grass while enjoying the cool winds from Mount Arjuna.
· Peeping the deer and the hinds grassing and drinking has its own specific atrraction in Lalijiwa.
· At the Altitude of 3,010 m. there is a watch tower from which one can observe people busily on sulphur.
· At certain times a competition is held for this Aesthetic Forest Cross giving certificates to the participant.
· The thunderous Kali Getih ( Blood River ) water fall mixed with the beatiful panoramic view of Pandaan and Tretes towns.
· The sparkling and chirping of the Alap-alap ( Sparrow hawk ) water fall neutralize the chill
and the cool air blowing from the Limas mountain.
· Along this route we can find artifical forest / plantation such as
Pinus ( Pinus merkusii ), Akasia * Acacia decurrens), Kaliandra ( Caliandra calothyrsus),
Mahoni ( Swietenia macrophylla ), Akasia ( Acacia auriculiformis )

mahoni spot

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