1. A recreational center for children with many kinds of playing things.
2. The Aesthetic Forest Cross :
this is classified into 3(three) levels depending on its road conditions
and distance covered namely :

Elementary school students level
Distance : 3 kilometers
Route : the EH Groove - the E Groove / Alur E ( a footpath )
in the direction of the water pipe PAM ( water supply company ) -
Compartment ( petak ) 72 A - main road - Compartment 72 C.

Teenage Level
· Distance : 7 kilometers.
· Route : as above mentioned plus the route to limas mountain and the Alap-alap water fall.
· Attractions : as above mentioned.

Nature Lovers Level
· Distance : 21 kilometers.
· Route : Groove EH - Lalijiwa - the Welirang mountain summit go back to Camping Group
( from Lalijiwa one can climb up to reach the summit of Mount Arjuna ).

wall_climbing spot   water reservoir to town below
propical forest scene   children play spot

· The thunderous Kali Getih ( Blood River ) water fall mixed with
the beatiful panoramic view of Pandaan and Tretes towns.
· The sparkling and chirping of the Alap-alap(Sparrow hawk) Water Fall
neutralize the chill and the cool air blowing from the Limas mountain.
· Along this route we can find artifical forest / plantation such as
Pinus ( Pinus merkusii ), Akasia * Acacia decurrens), Kaliandra ( Caliandra calothyrsus),
Mahoni ( Swietenia macrophylla ), Akasia ( Acacia auriculiformis )

pipeline route   pipeline route
kakek bodo    
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