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Blue Cloud Over The Mount Arjuno - Malang - East Java

Blue Cloud Over The Mount Arjuno - Malang - East Java
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Arjuno mountain is located in Malang, East Java, type a Strato with altitude 3339 m dpl and was under the management of Tahura Raden Soeryo. This mountain is usually achieved from three-point climbing enough is known of the Lawang, Tretes and Stone.

Arjuno mountain adjacent to Mount Welirang. Arjuno top of the mountain is located on one punggungan the same mountain top Welirang. Apart from the two places above the Mount Arjuno can didaki different direction from the other. Located in the mountains west of Batu, Malang - East Java is also the one of the goals of climbing. Besides the high level reached more than 3000 meters, in the mountains there are some tourism object. One of them is tourism object Bodo waterfall grandfather who is also one of the path climbing towards the peak of Mount Arjuna. Although in addition to tourism object grandfather Bodo waterfall there is also another waterfall, but the tourists rarely come to the other waterfalls, may be due to location and facilities wisatanya less support.

Mount Arjuno have Dipterokarp Hill forest area, forest Dipterokarp Top, Montane forest, and forest Ericaceous mountain or forest.

Mount Arjuno can didaki and different direction, the direction of North (Tretes) through Mount Welirang, and the direction East (Lawang) and from the West (Batu-Selecta) and south (Karangploso), also from the village through the district Singosari Sumberawan. Sumberawan village is the village in the district center kerajinantangan Singosari is the last village to prepare for before you start climbing.

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