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Madura Traditional Dance - Madura - East Java

Madura Traditional Dance - Madura - East Java
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Traditional dance Madura really be properly diacungi by thumb.

Dancing Tip Of Drajat. This is dance typical of Madura depicting its(the rising prince becomes king. Dance which is brought by of this girl Madura ordinary is showed the scan peculiarly to greet important guest.

Pamekasan - Dance " Rondhing " is one of type dance origin of Pamekasan, Madura now starts developed group of artistry in the area.

" This dance actually is dance type symbolising struggle of member of Pamekasan in opponent colonist cloud, " said Suhitno, coach dance Rondhing origin of Parteker Sub-District, Pamekasan, Sunday.

Like other dance type growing in Madura, dance Rondhing uses of attendant gamelan music or ordinary called as member of Madura with music " saronen ". Solidarity motion dance with kunfu step really impressed predominates rice with lively music accompaniment having nuance kendang kempul has become principal characteristic at popular dance type in this 1960-an year.

According To Suhitno, desire develops re- the Rondhing dance because wish to recall jasa-jara the pahlaman in Madura in fighting for independence of RI. Also for menambahan cultural khazanah art of tradition in final Pamekasan Sub-Province to start fade.

He adds, Rondhing dance only one of dance that's all dance traditional existing in the sub-province region. As " Pecot Dance ", " Danggha Dance " and " Dance Getha Mask' " the and popular in Madura at age first. Song attendant in popular dance in this 1940-an year is again Madura original. Call just like song " Buja Madura ", " Confront Wind " and song " Pajhar Lagghu ".

Style appearance of special dance of this women nor far is differ with other Madura dance, having bangle foot/feet and uses case for women who(which usage rather popular or high in Madura with " Samper Nyecceng ".

Because tell about struggle of women Madura in opponent colonization cloud, dance which is popularized by again by this Suhitno coach be often presented by at political event which is performed by to nick governmental of Pamekasan sub-province.

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Saya suka sekali tarian tradisional. Setelah melihat foto tarian ini, saya senang dan bangga kepada Indonesia yg memiliki banyak kbudayaan.
reaya_ria 2010-01-14 06:40:01
Tariannya bagus sekali. O..ya ngomong2 yg ada digambar itu pantai pa namanya? Aku ingin pergi berlibur ke Madura lho. . . :-)
khoiriyajanuari 2010-08-24 16:29:35

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