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Kebun Bibit Surabaya (Bird Big Cage) - Surabaya - East Java

Kebun Bibit Surabaya (Bird Big Cage) - Surabaya - East Java
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Kebun Bibit Surabaya

Kebun Bibit Surabaya city garden, is a city park with range of tropical plantation, trees and flowers. For almost thousand trees grow and take a part for Surabaya greening atmosphere. Those are a piece way to make Surabaya clean and fresh within the stressful air within the city. There are some interesting spots to be discovered for and to refresh our mood, for instance, Orchids cultivation seedling, jogging track, bird park, play ground and many more. The visitors may passing by everyday, especially for weekend and holiday and there will be no charge taken.

Furthermore, Kebun Bibit nowadays is being more and more cheerful by the existence of some cute animals like deer, monkey and little zoo for bird park. Those are good for children instead of the play ground and water park. Children can play as they playing on nature environment.

Beside the play ground and water park, at Kebun Bibit, children can stay and relax on the reading spot. The reading spot provide some books for kindergarten to elementary. Hence, parents can teach and play with their child and spend the great moment in there.

Moreover, Outbound area for kid is also provided for children, those are created to build the adrenalin for children.

For teenage and elder, this park also have some wireless line for internet free. This is also part of government program cooperated with ITS university for Surabaya Smart City Program

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